Thursday, November 23, 2006

Mysteries Revealed! (And Pics Ahead!)

For years I'd wondered about the cats in my neighbourhood. Wondered who fed them. Why weren't they sterilised yet. Whom did they trust (they would pointedly snub my attempts at feeding them - not surprising as they looked very well fed).

Then I found out, quite by accident in fact. This area has two feeders.
Now, to approach them for TNRM.


It's furrybelly time!

Boonie Belly

And all's right with the world

Typical Boonie pose

Boonie is growing by the day. He's quite umm, round now.
Much as we think he's adorable, we're trying to get him to exercise more.

Choc: "I'm quite concerned for Boonie. He's so fat..."

"... I mean, my tummy rolls don't spill over my feet when I sit to the side!"

On the other hand, isn't it strange how Pip eats like a horse but never seems to get fat. I wish I was like that.

In her dreams, Pip is flyyyyyying

One more of Pip cuddling her lil' stuffed lion

Contortionist Act #867

As I told the husband the other day, "I want Pip's physique but I seem to be stuck with Teddy's".
The ever-comforting husband shot back, "At least you're not a Boonie!"
Need to lose weight! Christmas coming. Turkey stuffing barbecue sweetcorn pasta roastbeef rackoflamb honeybakedham potatogratin pumpkinpie lemonmeringue doublechocchipfudgecookie iwant.iwant.iwant.

Anyone else feeling festive yet?


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Announcement: CatDonna is Catty

++Update: Wrote this in a bit of a rush. Have just returned to the blog to brush this post up.

Actually this post is only meant for the fakes, spammers and opportunists, not my wonderful, real and regular readers, for whom I shall post lovely lovely pics soon! Love you all! /Update++

Just a quick note to say that while I accept and welcome comments on this blog, I can and will delete comments that fulfil the following criteria:

- Spam
- Irrelevant agenda
- Links to commercial websites

Let me explain.

Irrelevant Agenda
A few months ago I received a "comment" that wasn't really a comment, but went something like this (a rough paraphrase):

"Hi I like your blog so I just wanna say I'm going to enter a hopscotch competition to raise funds for my friend who has some terrible disease and I'm such a nice person and obviously a good friend so please support me and I'm sure you won't mind me imposing so rudely on your blog, which is about CATS and has nothing to do with what I'm writing here BYEEEEEE!"

I ignored it entirely. I noticed some other cat blogs took up the commenter's cause.
I have no doubt that it is possibly genuine and well-meant.
Let me make this clear: I have nothing against the young lady.

What I'm pissed with is not the message, but the method.

If you have something you want to share, there are far better ways to go about it than leaving comments. Don't be stupid. Leave me a mail or something. It's not impossible. I could even post about it for you, and wouldn't that be much better publicity?

I mean, whatever happened to asking for permission?
Whatever happened to basic courtesy?
Ease and Accessibility over the Internet does NOT mean you can leave your manners at the door.

Commercial Interests
I recently received another comment that linked to a blog with, surprise surprise, commercial interests.

I clicked onto his link and immediately got a privacy alert from, oh let's just give this Hallmark-wannabe greeting-merchandise company a name shall we, 123Greetings Dot Com.
His blog was chock-full of e-cards and stuff that like you can click on and send, and earn this guy some revenue in the process.

I don't know whether this blog is for real or not, but what I do know is that his comment wasn't a real comment to me. It was a clear set-up for a commercial link to earn some stranger a bit of money: "Heyilikeyourblog... HERE'S MIIIIINE".
I also have my doubts about the authenticity of the writing on the blog (remember I am a trained General Paper tutor), but I haven't got the concrete evidence so I'll leave it at that.

I have deleted the comment.

I don't take sh*t from anyone who thinks they can make use of this blog - WITHOUT MY PERMISSION - and get away with it.
"Jennifer", "Justin" and anyone else with similar intent reading this, consider this a friendly warning.


CatDonna loves all her cats, and all cats in general, but she identifies best with Pip.
Now you know why.

Pics coming up shortly.
Lotsa love

Monday, November 20, 2006

I Like!!!

++Update: As much as I could, I've replied to comments in previous posts. Sorry for the lag, and thank you for your comments. I do enjoy reading them, even when I can't always have the time to respond! /Update++

Yeah, kittens

An old video that I thought I'd put up, just because it's so gosh darn cute -
a remake of "The Joker" by FatBoy Slim.

I had a nice weekend running around doing my stuff and not having to think about dogs and toilet training.

Even the cats are happier.

The Adopter called back a couple of times to update me on Duckie, and she's doing well, bonding with the Adopter and being liked by everyone in the family. So all is well.

This week I need to catch up with the projects that I'd set aside earlier to deal with the Duckie invasion. So it's back to the grind.


Thursday, November 16, 2006

Bye Bye Duckie: The Nitty Gritty

Her mail came in yesterday. It was open and honest, sharing details about her life that were very helpful in helping me gauge her suitability as an adopter.

Her mail gave me good vibes.

She left a contact number. I called yesterday evening and again this morning - her phone was switched off. *mutter mutter*
But she called back when I e-mailed her with my contact number [ie. a polite way of letting her know that "I called but you didn't pick up so my backside is covered, thank you very much"].
Turns out her little 2-year-old daughter was playing with her phone and hid her SIM card. [!!!]

I was out gardening with Duckie by my side when my mobile rang.
Went into my usual "Are you sure you can handle this animal" spiel.

Adopter: I live in a flat with one paper-trained shih tzu.
CatDonna: Duckie's not toilet-trained you know.
Adopter: No problem, I can paper-train her in about a month or two. It just takes time and patience.
CatDonna: Whoa... wokay.

There are pet "lovers" out there who get rid of their puppies when they don't pick up litter-training skills in a week.

Adopter: ... So what do you feed Duckie?
CatDonna [takes deep breath]: Avoderm -
Adopter: Oh the lamb and rice formula? I used to feed my April that, but she got bored with it, then I switched to Solid Gold [Note: Even More Expensive than Avoderm] but she didn't want it after a while. And ever since my other dog died and April went into mourning*, I cook her chicken thighs everyday. She's lost her appetite and she's pining for her friend. I know it's not the best but I'll feed her anything so long as she doesn't starve. Hopefully with the new dog I can get her to eat Avoderm again.**

* The main reason why the Adopter wanted Duckie: as a companion for her bereaved 8-month-old shih tzu [the other one died last month at 15 years of age].
** At least I can rest easy knowing Duckie will be well fed.

CatDonna: ...Okay, so now we'll set up a time for your dog and Duckie to meet, and then we'll decide...
Adopter: If it's alright with you I want to come over now. I'll bring my dog and the adoption fee. Will arrive in thirty minutes, thanks byeeeee!

She arrived in twenty.
April in carrier, two toddlers in tow.

Adopter: I love Duckie! So can I take her home now?
CatDonna: Umm are you sure? She's still on meds, I could finish the course for you...
Adopter: No no, I'll do it. Thank you so much!

I gave her a lift back to her place [turns out we're quite near each other]. And she kept thanking me all the way there. As if I did her a favour, not the other way around.
I also found out that she used to volunteer in dog rescue and rehoming before she had her babies. And that she was planning to return to that once her younger child goes to school.

Time will tell if she's as great as she appears, but the signs are promising.
Good adopters - not very common but when they do pop up, they are precious. Bless.

And Teddy can rest safely now in the knowledge that he will no longer be the persistent target of Duckie's doggy butt-rape.

ps - I want to thank all the people who helped out with their encouragement and advice during this short time.
Thx fellow cat bloggers for your support!
Thanks also to Mary who shared her experiences.
And to the anonymous commenter who suggested Doggiesite and PetChannel - you helped make this adoption possible [the Adopter found my ad on PetChannel]. Thanks again!

Bye Bye Duckie!!!!!

Duckie's gone. Adopted by a lovely housewife with two children and one shih tzu.

The House of CatDonna slowly returns to normal [until the next rescue].

The house is very quiet without Duckie.

More updates later. Hosting a dinner party tonight at 8 pm sharp; it's almost 5 and I haven't even started prepping.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I Can't Access the ASD Website

I can't access the ASD website WHY WHY WHYYYYYYYYYY


*Stabs self with sharpened tissue paper box*

However. I've posted on the Pets Dot Com Dot SG forum thingy.
Now preparing hard copies for pet shops and vet clinics.
Will try again later with A-flippin'-S-bloody-D.
WTFH. First their worker is incredibly rude when I call, now even their website flips me off...
*mutter darkly under breath*

Fingers and toes crossed. Let's see how this goes.


The Brat Pack

Is she gone yet?

Duckie's trying to integrate into her new pack of two humans and seven cats.

So she started by humping Teddy.

Life's tough when you're an omega.

The shame, the shame


The humans are tired, the cats are stressed, only the dog is happy.

La la la! I'm so happy! La la la!
Wee on the carpet! Woo hoo hoo!!!

Off I go to prepare the adoption notices.


Sunday, November 12, 2006

Love you too, Pip

Me and my homie*

*[Yes, I'm afraid it's time for "Ugly Yet Comforting Nighties of Pip's Kittenhood" again. A brief explanation here.]

It is only fair that I post this so as to balance out public perception of the Pipperina Princess, the House of Catdonna's resident enfant terrible.

I'm not denying she's frequently an awful scourge and no good to both man and beast, but Pip is also the first hand-raised rescue cat that I've decided to keep because we shared an uncommonly strong bond from the start.

Mmm, nightie

Pip is incredibly, obsessively attached to me for some reason. She's always been very sensitive to my emotional vibes, and she responds to them in a way that I can only call protective.


Duckie was driving me up the bloody wall. Still not toilet-trained and I'd just realised that her pee really stains the parquet floor.

At last I gave up - running after a small, skittish dog all afternoon with a mop-and-bucket and a large litter tray destroys your soul - and locked her in her cage.

Engrossed in suckling, Pip ignores a curious Choc

I desperately needed a short break. I've had a lot of things on my mind recently and several work-related projects I want to start soon, and the stress of all that plus a noisy poodle with a gross skin infection and no toilet sense was pushing me to breaking point.

I turned from a shrill, squealing Duckie and stumbled towards my bedroom, to take a deep breath and think twice before doing something drastic.
Along the way I passed by Pip, sitting quietly on the floor, watching.
She looked at me. I looked at her.
At that moment, I had a feeling she knew.
And she was going to do something about it.

Damn right I'm gonna do something about it

She ran past me towards the cage. I decided not to turn around.
The next thing I heard was Pip's characteristic snarl.
The clang of cat claws striking cage bars.
And Duckie was frightened into silence for a while.

I like to think that Pip gave me the break I needed.
Maybe I read too much into that little incident, but still.


No-one is allowed to annoy the woman except me, punk

Pip, you're a freak and quite the pain at times, but one thing I know for certain is the fierceness of your feelings for me.
I would almost call it loyalty, but you wouldn't want to be associated with dog-like qualities.
Love you too, little monster.


Saturday, November 11, 2006

100th Post

++Update: First Potential Adopter [PA] has to back out as Mother has put her foot down. Second PA coming over to view Duckie tomorrow - wish us luck.

In case you get the impression that I'm thinking of keeping Duckie, the answer is no. She's sweet, but we don't click. I've never been very good with most small dogs; something about their personalities doesn't quite gel with me. /Update++

A perpetual flurry of doggy activity


Looks and smells much better now. The medicine and special shampoo are working well. Although there still is enough dirt engrained into her skin to convince me that her previous owners didn't care about her health and hygiene.

Is quiet. I've only heard her actually bark once. There goes the yappy assertive poodle stereotype out the window.

Is extremely affectionate. She loves to be near us as much as possible [excepting very brief explorations of the house]. She loves being touched, and hearing our voices. When she wants cuddles, Duckie nudges my shin and gently nuzzles my ankles before curling up on my feet.


Eats takeaway, and likes company for meals. She brings her biscuits over from the bowl in her cage, three at a time in her mouth, into the study where we usually are - then she puts them down on the floor near us and eats them up.

Still isn't toilet-trained. I'm working on it. In between mopping up her "accidents", I lined a large litter box with newspaper for Duckie. She thought I made her a bed and lay in it.

Is friendly and respectful with cats. Unfortunately, the cats in question do not return the favour.

Quite photogenic when she's not doing those frantic skipping dances

Is a stubborn bitch. She will do anything - run away, dance around, wriggle, whine, sulk - to delay the inevitable medication administered twice a day.

Is a good actress. When fed her pills, she pretends to swallow hard and then looks martyr-like. Upon her release, the cheeky sparkle returns to her eyes and she spits them out before dancing away.

Is fast asleep in her cage. It's been a productive evening for her - cuddling with the humans, eating takeaway, making friends with the furry hissing things, playacting with medication, dancing gleefully around the woman [who's mopping up her latest "accident"] with a big goofy infectious grin that says OMG this is too cool, making the woman clean up after me is like the FUNNEST thing ever, yeah yeah yeah I am sooo psyched, LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.

Side profile: still pretty, despite the ravages of neglect and abandonment

Is the subject of the 100th post on a cat blog. Unbelievable, and only on CatDonna's Cats.

CatDonna & Cats

Friday, November 10, 2006

Duckie Update

++The latest [8:00 pm]: Potential Adopter [PA] has run into obstacles. PA's Mother has become apprehensive about possible new arrival. I've told them to relax, talk about it and come check Duckie out before making a decision as a family. No point if one family member backs out halfway, especially when that person will be the main caretaker while the adopter is out at work [which is the scenario with PA].++

Happy camper (do you know how long it took to get a decent pic?!)

She's not too frazzled anymore, and less insecure - she doesn't cry so much now as she did yesterday. She still hates being in the cage or in any enclosed space, and will whine softly until she's let out. [For a poodle, she's VERY quiet though.]

Duckie loves hanging out with us, even if it's just chewing on her new "My Little Princess" [I kid you not, that's what it's called] Nylabone while we do stuff on computers in the study.

I don't think she's been toilet-trained.

A typical pic of Can't-Sit-Still Duckie

She's started bonding with us. Very people-oriented, poodles. When she sees us, she runs up and does this little jumpy-poodle dance on her little hind feet, smacking our knees with her front paws. Like some happy high-five Oktoberfest beer dance. Except nobody's drunk, and Oktoberfest was last month, baby.

Most of the cats snoop around to avoid Duckie. Polly even checks the laundry basket to make sure Duckie's not hiding in there for an ambush. Lucie, Boonie and Chocolate have stayed put on top of the fridge/various cabinets since yesterday. Teddy's just disappeared, coming out once a while to stare at Duckie with vague, benign bewilderment in his eyes. At a very safe distance, and usually behind an obstacle of some sort.

Pip and Doe make occasional guest appearances to growl, hiss and swipe at Duckie - to show the newcomer where she stands, I guess. Still, I have no doubt that they're shaken too. Doe came into bed this morning to sleep under the covers, something he's never done before. And Pip's regressed into very young kittenhood, suckling and whining, not purring, into my nightie.

Duckie wants to make new friends...

... but Pip keeps her distance

There is a potential adopter coming to see Duckie this evening so fingers crossed.


Thursday, November 09, 2006

Duckie and the Curse of the Persian Carpet

Re-named the poodle Duckie. Daisy doesn't fit her.

The cats are seriously spooked. Everyone's tense and hiding. Doe smacked Duckie's face around a couple times. Duckie's gotta go. Foster. Must find. Where under which rock pls advise okthx.


Then after 5 hours of holding it in, Duckie jumped out her cage, ignored my meticulously arranged litter box, and peed all over the Persian carpet.

Why. Why. WHY.

Sigh. Foster for Daisy, Anyone?!



One thing I've learnt in life is this:

Respect your gut instincts.

For the past few days I'd a funny premonition that something was going to happen.
I thought the weird feeling meant I might be coming across another cat or kitten in need of rescue. In my typical cheeky manner, I even thought to myself that If I'm gonna hafta rescue another cat, at least let it be black with a full straight tail! And I'll call it Modie Midnight!
[Flippant, that's me.]

And I did also think to myself, Jokes aside CatDonna, you can't take in any more, you're gonna need a foster.

This morning I rescued another animal, proving my gut feel was right.
Not a cat, but a middle-aged miniature poodle bitch.
[At least I think she's purebred; if she's a cross, the other part of her genetic makeup isn't very visible at all.]

Here's Daisy

The vet declared her to be in good health. Also, she's got a lovely temperament: friendly and well-behaved - she's quiet, affectionate and cooperative [bathing and medicating her was a breeze].
She was probably abandoned because of her skin condition, a fungal infection that resembles human dandruff.
That's pointless because this condition looks worse than it really is: the vet says she should recover in a couple of weeks!

Entirely by accident, we discovered that she knows two commands: beg/dance for food, and sit.

She's adopted Lucie's fluffy stuffed duck, and Lucie's not too pleased.
So we're calling her Daisy. Daisy Duck.

Sorry about the red eyes

My point is this:

Spread the word, please?
[I'll write you a haiku *heh*.]

Off I go to call ASD. Oh please God, let there be a vacancy.


Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Hello everyone!

I is Teddy Samurai,

bestest of the best wif the swordplay an' the ready wit!

I's write haikuz.
Mummy Ladie sez is best fer my limited language skillz.
I love Mummy Ladie!

Hir's one of mine:

"MY LIFE" by Teddy
Nap. Nap nap, nap nap;
Eat eat, eat eat eat? Eat! eat -
Groom, groom... It's Doe: hide.

Why Teddy is scared of Doe

I's ran this thru spell check, an' Mummy Ladie proof-read it.
I hope you's like it!

I's pass this on to Mummy Ladie now.
I's gonna ride into the sunset. Like a real samurai.

Off to do battle with the Arm of Injustice

Love, Teddy


I wrote one too!

"LONELINESS" by CatDonna
Fat fuzzy woman,
Disappointed with date, walks
Into the dark night.

I have an idea.
If anyone's interested, write a haiku just for fun and post it on your blog!

If you do, please leave a comment here so we can run over and have a look. :)

Chocolate is whining; I'd better see to her.
She hurt her paw yesterday, whilst running around the patio garden derisively mocking my attempts at planting stuff.
Nothing major, just a slight cut.
But she's been in a nasty swiping mood since. She even attacked top cat Doe.



I was whining because I wanted to blog, you stupid biatch.

Recuperating in luxurious privacy, Choc bravely manages a smile and wink for her adoring fans

Ahem! Here's my contribution to our little literary circle.
Prepare to be blown away by my greatness, after all, true art is derived from pain.

Lame but lovely still...
Dust. Beneath. My. Heels.*
*By "heels", I refer to my black snakeskin Prada stilettoes. FYI, darrrlings.

Remember, plagiarism is a crime. Steal any of our lovely haikus, especially mine, and I'll rip your thieving eyes out!


Thursday, November 02, 2006

CatDonna's New Hobby

Teddy's work and toil - a paw print in the soil

Is Hard Work, But Very Fun.

It's not always easy to get things done, though. Especially when there are seven quality-control inspectors in the house supervising your every move.

The cats were getting in the way, everywhere. Playing with the compost. Sitting in the pots. Eating the seedlings [!!!].

And they kept telling me what to do. Don't you hate it when so-called experts barge into your business and tell you what to do?!

"No, no, you're all wrong, I'll tell you what to do"

So in the end I chased 'em off, and the Seven Experts went to take power naps and/or dabble in IT consultancy.

The miracle is how we get any work done here

Ranting aside, gardening is great fun, even with the cats around.

Lucie was sitting by the seedling tray, watching me thin out the seedlings [pulling out the weaker ones for the strong ones to get more nourishment]: hand in, grasp seedling with finger and thumb, pull out gently. Done.

So she decided to try. She put in a paw, tried to grab hold of a seedling without the benefit of an opposable thumb, and oh-so-carefully SQUASHED it. Done!

I don't remember buying pussywillow

But don't go "Awww" on Lucie yet. Soon after, the punk picked a fight with Pip and, in the process, smashed a glass jug.

So she was grounded in the guest bathroom.

While Pip sneered with joy at her unexpected vindication.

"Sneer?! I'm too nice for that. See me cuddling my stuffed lion instead."

["Heh heh heh heh heh!!!!!"]

The rain's stopped, the sun's out. Off I go to check on my plants.
I'll let you figure out what I'm growing, to save myself the embarrassment of having nothing to show for it. Heh!
Hint: I'm not into flowers.

Love lots, and for those in the tropics, take care of your health. Hot and showery weather like this can be a strain on the body.


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