Thursday, November 16, 2006

Bye Bye Duckie: The Nitty Gritty

Her mail came in yesterday. It was open and honest, sharing details about her life that were very helpful in helping me gauge her suitability as an adopter.

Her mail gave me good vibes.

She left a contact number. I called yesterday evening and again this morning - her phone was switched off. *mutter mutter*
But she called back when I e-mailed her with my contact number [ie. a polite way of letting her know that "I called but you didn't pick up so my backside is covered, thank you very much"].
Turns out her little 2-year-old daughter was playing with her phone and hid her SIM card. [!!!]

I was out gardening with Duckie by my side when my mobile rang.
Went into my usual "Are you sure you can handle this animal" spiel.

Adopter: I live in a flat with one paper-trained shih tzu.
CatDonna: Duckie's not toilet-trained you know.
Adopter: No problem, I can paper-train her in about a month or two. It just takes time and patience.
CatDonna: Whoa... wokay.

There are pet "lovers" out there who get rid of their puppies when they don't pick up litter-training skills in a week.

Adopter: ... So what do you feed Duckie?
CatDonna [takes deep breath]: Avoderm -
Adopter: Oh the lamb and rice formula? I used to feed my April that, but she got bored with it, then I switched to Solid Gold [Note: Even More Expensive than Avoderm] but she didn't want it after a while. And ever since my other dog died and April went into mourning*, I cook her chicken thighs everyday. She's lost her appetite and she's pining for her friend. I know it's not the best but I'll feed her anything so long as she doesn't starve. Hopefully with the new dog I can get her to eat Avoderm again.**

* The main reason why the Adopter wanted Duckie: as a companion for her bereaved 8-month-old shih tzu [the other one died last month at 15 years of age].
** At least I can rest easy knowing Duckie will be well fed.

CatDonna: ...Okay, so now we'll set up a time for your dog and Duckie to meet, and then we'll decide...
Adopter: If it's alright with you I want to come over now. I'll bring my dog and the adoption fee. Will arrive in thirty minutes, thanks byeeeee!

She arrived in twenty.
April in carrier, two toddlers in tow.

Adopter: I love Duckie! So can I take her home now?
CatDonna: Umm are you sure? She's still on meds, I could finish the course for you...
Adopter: No no, I'll do it. Thank you so much!

I gave her a lift back to her place [turns out we're quite near each other]. And she kept thanking me all the way there. As if I did her a favour, not the other way around.
I also found out that she used to volunteer in dog rescue and rehoming before she had her babies. And that she was planning to return to that once her younger child goes to school.

Time will tell if she's as great as she appears, but the signs are promising.
Good adopters - not very common but when they do pop up, they are precious. Bless.

And Teddy can rest safely now in the knowledge that he will no longer be the persistent target of Duckie's doggy butt-rape.

ps - I want to thank all the people who helped out with their encouragement and advice during this short time.
Thx fellow cat bloggers for your support!
Thanks also to Mary who shared her experiences.
And to the anonymous commenter who suggested Doggiesite and PetChannel - you helped make this adoption possible [the Adopter found my ad on PetChannel]. Thanks again!

I can just see the cats peaking out frum various hidin spots...
Choc: "Is it GONE?"
Pip: "I fink so."
Choc: "Are you sure?"
Pip: "Maybe."
Doe: "You go first, make sure it's really gone."
Pip: "*I* don't want to, you go."
Doe: "I don't want to go, you go."
Pip: "I know, let's send Teddy. It LIKES Teddy."
Teddy hesitantly crosses the room... and eats all the cat food available.
Pip: "Teddy? Is it safe? Teddy?"
Doe: "Teddy? Answer me!"
Teddy: "You better hide a little longer." (crunch, munch)
Yay for the nice adopter! I hope it works out. And LOL at Victor's comments - probably true!
Oh Victor you are hilarious!!! But it is probably true.

Duckie found a good home *paws crossed* the cats are relieved the lovely lovey lady found another companion for her dog, not to mention the persian carpet can take a break, and catdonna won't need to stab herself with tissue boxes. Happy endings!
i am happy, i hope things will turn out well for Doggie and her new found family. Time will tell but i am sure Cat Donna will follow up on the adoption. And yes, without Duckie, you will find your house very quiet and empty; it's funny but it's true.
i am sorry but i don't know where the word 'Doggie' came from; i mean 'Duckie'.
Woohoo, no more doggy butt rape.

From a very sore Teddy
victor: LOLOLOL!!! Loved it! That was funny! Hee. :D

fat eric: It seems to be going well so far, thanks! :)

cat_aunty: Yep, happy endings for all. I finally managed to get some decent sleep over the weekend too! Yippee.

mary: This sounds a little crazy but after Duckie left I entertained wild ideas of having a little dog... for a while...!!! :)

kxbc: Teddy is so cheerful and relaxed now, it's so funny to see. After Duckie left he sprawled all over the sofa and fell fast asleep, furry belly up for the rest of the evening. Heehee.

I just read bits and pieces of your blog after a break, and discovered you have a dog.... no, you had a dog which tried to mount someone....or cat? Or Teddy... hee hee, must be.

Anyway, glad Duckie's adopted and let's hope for the best. Good job, once again. ;)
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