Tuesday, January 30, 2007

That's What Y'All Call Me, Now

From my high and cushioned throne on top of the tumble dryer I have this to say...

Quiet over there! I'm making an announcement!

Remember this, kittensss!!!!!

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Her Excellency Pipperina Princess the Ceaseless of Goosnargh Leering
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

ps - Thanks to Fat Eric for the link.

Tabby Nap

Chocolate on ruined sofa

What's cuter than one tabby catching her forty (thousand) winks...

Boonie and Lucie on messy bed

... and even cuter than two tabbies napping?

L-R: Boonie, Choc, Lucie (I don't know what Lucie's trying to do there)

Why, three tabbies napping, of course.


ps - Blogger won't let me comment on my own blog. Am seriously beginning to consider a switch to Wordpress.
pps - Pip says hi.

Monday, January 29, 2007

And So The Worm Turns

Just another day in (gangsta!) Paradise

It started off like any other day. The Gangstas were asleep on the black leather chair - Big Polly Bananaz and her sidekick, Tiny Ted.

Then Teddy must have done I dunno what, farted in Pol's face or something, and got Polly riled. Really riled.
So she got up and beat Teddy around a little bit.

Polly: "Tub o' butter, tub o' lard!
Hit 'em harder, hit 'em hard!"
Teddy: "....."

Polly: "Yaarrr, me mateys! Beached whale ahead!
Here be ye blubber for a Russian winter!!!"
Teddy: "Are you saying... I'm fat?"

You can't really see it in the photo, but Polly is a-kickin' and a-clawin' Teddy's tender tum somethin' terrible.

Then Teddy kind of snapped.
He got up, shoved Polly hard, and put his paw on her to keep her down.
(I'm not making this up, honest.)

Teddy: "That's it! I'm sick of how you always steal my treats* and call me fat! I'm not fat! I'm NOT FAT!!!!!!!"
Polly (frightened now): "Okayokay you're not fat... sheesh, ima only jokin' here, Tubby - I MEAN TEDDY..."

*This is true, by the way.

Polly: "Oh Gawd the paps are takin' photos... I'm so embarrassed. This is not cool..."

You can see Teddy's ears and facial expression are actually pretty angry.
I've never seen him like this.
Polly was quiet for a while. I guess she's realised that even Ted has his limits.

Anyway, that was Teddy's first successfully resolved conflict (ie Ted didn't get the poop beaten out of him for once). I'm so proud of him.
And so the worm turns.
The end.


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sick As A Dog (SAAD)

Blast From The Past: Kitten Pip and Baby Doe,
exploring the lush foliage that is the husband's toe/foot/leg hair
Yes, very saad.

Some very strange infection hit me over the weekend. It's just starting to blow over. Have been cooped up in the house muchly and not yet gone to the post office *koff*sorrycataunty*ahem*.

Nobody loves me. Everybody hates me.

They don't even want my presents ;)

Stuck at home working on my projects and, with all stuff that is creative by nature, there are bad days and good. Yesterday was tres awful - two miserable pages after eight hours.
Somebody kill me please.

Just got a call asking if I could help out at a college from March to November. I checked my calendar and realised if I said yes, I'm not going to bloody have ANY rest day in the week (not including public holidays and that's assuming I haven't got marking).

(Yes, I work full days on weekends.)

I would love the money - thankfully we're not in need, I just want my own cash to do my own thing - but a lot of things may end up sacrificed/compromised, including my freedom, sanity and the projects I'm currently working on, which are close to my heart and crucial for my move into my next career.

What do you think?

Okay back to writing. I have a temp job starting next week for a fortnight and I want to get this personal project on the ground asap.

CatDonna & Cats

ps - Pip sleeps with me at night nowadays. She curls up under the covers (I dunno how she breathes). Yesterday Boonie and Lucie created a lethal tag team and took turns to pounce on her. Cats are vicious creatures, and I am quite possibly Pip's only friend in the whole wide world.

Friday, January 12, 2007


Hello one and all,

I didn't realise this is effectively my first post of the year and not the previous one, eh.

No posts recently because:
Been pretty busy and (more than) slightly stressed.
Working on new ideas and projects that require an entirely different set of skills is pretty daunting.
Even if it's what I've always wanted.

Where are my prize-winners?!?!?!
I've just checked my mail and NO-ONE, absolutely NO-ONE, loves and trusts me enough to e-mail their mailing address?!?!?!?!
I've only got cat_aunty's, and that was because she sent me a lovely gift and card for Christmas. Heh heh heh!

Haven't had the time to read the other cat blogs, soooo...
This is an APPEAL, prize-winners please, PLEASE, let me have your addie so I can mail you the happy goods, you won a prize YOU KNOW, don't act coy about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right. If I don't get addies by end this week, I'll harass you online incessantly... wait... that sounds like a very good reason why nobody wants to give me their addies in the first place... so... umm.
Look, I promise I'm not gonna harass you ok?!?!?!
Too busy right now.

Have to run, lots of love.
The cats are being demons as usual. The headlines:



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