Saturday, February 25, 2006

Lucie & Boonie's CWS Adoption Ad

You can see Lucie and Boonie's adoption ad [it's their second time] up HERE. The date of their ad posting is 24 February for your reference, dear reader, in case more ads come in and they get moved down the page [which is bound to happen sooner rather than later].

And check out the TONS AND TONS of other cats and kittens, all up for adoption, several of which have been up there for a far longer time than L and B [which is, what, only 3 months or so?]. And that's the truth: far, far many more unwanted animals than willing households.

Many thanks once again to the Cat Welfare Society for their help; their link's on the side.

Second time lucky, I hope. Claws crossed.


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Up for Adoption: LUCIE & BOONIE

The potential adopters for Lucie and Boonie couldn't take them in the end due to insurmountable obstacles, ie parents. Which is fair because it's important that all members of the household accept the adopted animal, and if that can't happen, it's better not to take in the pet and cause unnecessary grief.


Future Calvin Klein models, you think?

You might want to check out their history HERE. More photos HERE.

Boonie and Lucie are now about four months old.

Boonie is turning out to be an extremely outgoing, attention seeking LAP HOG. He's very sociable, loves pets and cuddles, and enjoys flirting with the ladies; Chocolate is seriously crushing on him and even Pip cuddles up once in a while. And he loves to talk to humans, and brush up on whatever passes for him as English. He toddles up to you and initiates conversation with his meows and chirrups, waits until you respond, then replies with a mrrah?

Boonie "Casanova" Blackbear [R, with Choc]: good with the ladies

The Boon can't shut his yap even when posing for photos

Lucie is a very good example of the cliche that "you've got to watch out for the quiet ones". She's nowhere as vocal as her brother; she's friendly and lovable in her own way, but won't actively seek out company as frequently as the Boon. Lucie loves the quiet napping spots and clearly lives in the rich world of her imagination, where all the stuffed toys in the house are fair prey for kitten wrestling. Lucie's very smart and has her own indefinable charm.

I'm a good girl, y'all.

Just hand over the crack and everything will be fine... yesss...

For GOOD OWNERS ONLY. I cannot stress this enough. Also, they've bonded very closely so they need to be adopted TOGETHER. But that's great because Lucie and Boonie's personalities complement each other, so you get twice the joy and half the trouble. Great deal yeah?

Please do consider these lovely kitties, or if you can't, spread the word about them! Thanks a lot.



Was skimming through my previous post [that I suspect no one has commented on because they were dumbstruck by how terribly strange it was], when it became really, really obvious that I was writing it under the influence of TOTAL STRESS AND INSANITY.

Which in a weird way is kinda cool. Clearly, this is what happens when there's a truckload of work eating away at your brain and you come home daily to puddles of vomit on the floor and you're supposed to be losing weight but you're too tired to care and WHAT IS THAT COCONUT CAKE DOING in your fat filthy hand, dang it.

Anyway, I'm very happy today. Was humming away and tapping my cake-free [for once, surprisingly] fingers on all kinds of surfaces, but only realised after a long while that I'd been singing/ tapping the Elmo Song. Heh heh!

Then I came home in the evening and I haven't seen Doe puke yet! I think he hasn't puked today! [Note: I've cut down on the biscuits I leave out, buffet-style, for the cats. I think it's kind of working. Yaaaay.]

And Lucie and Boonie knocked over TWO dining chairs! The BEASTS!!!!!

But I love 'em too much to care.

Just so gosh darn happy.
La la la la la la la la... ELMO SONG!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Guess My Favourite Colour

Oh look! I've gone and changed the template AGAIN! Decided to have more soothing colour combinations for the eye.

Speaking of which, some of you lucky 'uns may have come across this here fine blog during that hilarious half an hour when I was shopping at and chucked in this amazing template! It was FIRE ENGINE RED! It had a FUNKY BLACK CARTOON CAT ON THE SIDE! Everything about it was either red or pink or black, which is like sooo happening! DID I MENTION IT WAS RED?

Alas, I couldn't quite figure out how to fiddle with the margins and not end up with text hanging out everywhere. But I'll try again. Till then, that big cornea-searing template will linger at the back of my mind, like a big red lingering thing, at the back of my mind.

My eyes! My eyes!

Still adding links... slowly. When it comes to this computer stuff I work at the pace of my blindfolded grandmother hopping uphill backwards on her head. Except I think I'm slower.

There are some new discoveries that I'm going to put up in my links section, and I am quite excited about that. Because, as you all have come to realise, I have no life. That's right, I spend my evenings in front of the computer, hastily wiping the streaming tears from my grubby face and biting down on a tattered handkerchief to stifle my broken, lonely sobs. So the cruel world can't see my pain.

And you can bet it's gonna be a tattered red kerchief.


Doe is still pretty much still puking... no better/worse. Thanks for your concern and advice.

For your patience, dear readers, in bearing with me all the way up till this point, I present a pic of Pip and Doe when they were little critters and still baby-cute until their inner megalomaniac/ bulimic demons emerged:

They never do this anymore.

And that's all for now. I'm off.


Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Fretting, the Flailing of the Arms

Yes. I've just had one of my "what the heck did I think I was doing" moments.

You will notice that I've changed the blog template. I was very very bored you see.

You will also notice the links have disappeared. Because I forgot to save them. I only remembered while was happily destroying my careful work of previous months.

You see, that's just me. I'm so intimidatingly clever, whenever I have another one of my bright ideas the universe shudders in fear. Everyone's so scared, you know. I'm that smart.

But then again that's actually a blessing in disguise. I'd been meaning to update and expand my blogroll for some time now, and getting the links back on is easy.

Just not tonight. I need to go to the umm, bathroom. Been having strange tummy rumbles all weekend. Something I ate? Dunno.


Speaking of which, does anyone have advice for vomiting cats? Doe is still puking his little guts on and off, it's been about 3 weeks since he started. The reason why I haven't sent him to the vet yet is I'm still waiting for my next paycheck; finances are tight these couple of months.

Although I would definitely send Doe once he displays other weird symptoms eg diarrhoea, fever, weight loss, dehydration. Which he thankfully hasn't. He's behaving perfectly normally, except for the increased puking. No change in diet or anything, unless the little moron has been chewing and swallowing bits of the window mesh. [???]

Oh God, I wish my next paycheck were here already. I don't like feeling uncertain and slightly helpless about my vomity kitten.

I'd stopped the Benebac [probiotic] for a while since Doe absolutely detests the stuff, but will put him back on again.

If anyone has had their cat indicate similar tendencies [is this linked to a sensitive gut? I dunno?] please share your experience and how you dealt with it. I'll be doing my own research too. Hopefully I can find some helpful stuff to cure the puking, or at least keep him going till I can afford the vet.

In fact maybe I'll call the vet tomorrow, explain my situation over the phone, and try to wrangle a free consultation. My vet is nice, just very expensive. Heh.


PS/ Please don't worry too much though. As I've said earlier, Doe does not appear to have any symptom requiring urgent attention. If he did, heck I would sell the shirt off my back to get him to the vet! Mmmm. Partial nudity... yuk. Perish the thought. Perish the thought.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Windows: A Short Story

Hello my lovelies I am back. The keyboard is MINE. The woman was slow of understanding but got the hint after I screamed at her for half an hour and injured her flabby hairless tummy with my trusty t-shirt-destroying claws.

Now I lie on her lap in great contentment and dictate my next great work, while she takes dictation from the moi. As it should be! I dictate. I am dictator. MWAHAHAHAAAA.

Here is a short story that I dedicate to my comrade Millie. Who is he? Tell you later.


Once upon a time there was a family that lived in a high-rise flat. They lived with two cats, who tolerated their human nonsense and allowed them to take care of menial arrangements like cat food and litter and toys, while the cats took on the really serious issues like post-modern furnishings [the destroyed look... NICE], country-style-and-smell atmospherics, et catera.

This family was called the Stupid family. They came from a faraway country so they had exotic names. The father was a beefy guy called Van Damme [as in Jean-Claude... remember him? Yeah, me neither]. The mother was called Cray Zelda Sith and she was very pretty; she spoke with a cute lisp. Their son was called Smelly, which in their exotic language means He who is handsome and whatever.

The cats were called Cat 1 and Cat 2. I'm too tired to think up more names, k?

This family lived pretty high up [about 10 storeys high] and liked to keep their windows open. Even though Smelly was the kind of toddler who liked to climb. Cats 1 and 2 tried to close the windows for his safety, even frequently jumping out onto the narrow ledge to push the windows shut. But without opposable thumbs there's a heckload of trouble manipulating human objects, and so it never worked.

The cats tried to persuade Father and Mother Stupid to install window grilles.

"But it's too much work," Van Damme whined.

"It thpoils the effect of the thunthhine, and there'th no breeththe," Cray lisped.

"I am SMELLY!" Smelly crowed. He was learning to talk.

Then one day Cat 1 disappeared. Cat 2 was sitting on the window ledge crying "Mrowr?" in a sad voice.

"Where could Cat 1 be?" Cray asked.

"I dunno. Selling sea shells on the sea shore?" Van Damme grumbled [they'd quarrelled the night before].

"Really? You think? Why would he do that I wonder?" Cray wondered as Smelly toddled in after watching cartoons and demanded,


Immediately he was ordered to stand in a corner and think of the terrible effects of alcoholism, but this plan was aborted because there was a far more urgent matter at stake... and anyway the room was round.

Days, weeks passed. The frantic Stupids sent out flyers, made public announcements, promised rewards. Nothing.

Desperate, the Stupids called in a cat psychic called Pipperincess. Wearing a black mask and cape that partially covered her lovely white face and body, Pipperincess sauntered in the house and was promptly stepped on by the beefy Van Damme.

"@#$%^&!!!!! OWWWW!!!!!!! Man, you are one damn stupid fellar!!!" Wowww, thought Van Damme. She already knows my name. This lady really is psychic.

Regaining her composure, Pipperincess smiled sweetly at Cray. "And you are...?"

"Cray Thelda Thith." "What?" "Umm, CRAY. THELDA. THITH." "What kinda name is that? What are you, Welsh? Grayskull whatagain?" "Nooo! CRAY! THEE! ETHTHTH!!!!!!!!!!" "Hahahahaha!!! No kidding?! Stop spitting in my face you stupid woman."

The Pipperincess, following a general psychic's rule, doesn't speak to toddlers.

Consulting her catnip crystal ball, Pipperincess quickly fell into a trance-like swoon, twisting and writhing her furry lithe body all across the floor. After the seance was over she got up and dusted herself off. "Cat 1's dead. He fell while closing the window after your son tried to climb out to look for Jessica Alba." Pipperincess glanced over at Cat 2, who hadn't eaten in two weeks and was obviously pining for his buddy. "Maybe you should grille the windows or keep them closed?"

"But it's too much work..."

"It thpoils the effect of the thunthhine, and there'th no breeththe..."

"Whattheheck?! DANG YOU ALL!!!!!!!!" With the strength of an angry black-and-white cat who herself was once neglected and left to die by other Stupid humans, Pipperincess took out her Brokeback Mountain [TM] Special Edition "Twisty Jack" Lasso and tied the Stupids up before throwing them all out the window. The End.


Awww. I love happy endings.

So who's Millie?

Recently, the woman seems to be hearing a lot about cats that fall out of windows and die, or suffer serious injuries. The excuses she hears for the lack of window care include the great effort required, the aesthetic effects, the ventilation, the cat likes it [this one's my favourite] and other similarly Stupid excuses.

The irony is that not all these owners are stupid heartless jerks. Some really do love their cats; they just don't understand that if there's a higher space that promises freedom and adventure, like an open window from the 10th storey, any cat worth his whiskers will jump.

Millie is, apparently, one of the latest victims of these owners' well-meaning ignorance and/or unfortunate neglect.

RIP Millie. And please, dear people, if you really love your cats, grille your doors and windows.

Somewhat Upset Pip

Thursday, February 16, 2006

No One Ever Asks Me Out

So last Sunday the woman met up with some other cat bloggers.

She had lunch with a bunch of lovely people.

She had a good time.

She tried to eat the coaster by dropping it "accidentally" on her plate of food when she thought no one was looking, but got caught. She loves coasters.

I only have one question.

How come no one ever asks me out?

And how come only stupid people like the woman have jobs and lives, and get to eat beef stew and do nice stuff when they are so fat and stupid and smelly... whereas beautiful creatures like me are stuck in a flat, with BISCUITS and FREAKING HORRIBLE CHOPSTICK-INFESTED WINDOWS and being SPOKEN TO IN BABY LANGUAGE??? CAN YOU ANSWER ME THAT??? HUH??? HUH??!?!?!?!

Oh now that's two questions. So clever you, for pointing it out. Why don't you bite me.

Pip Princess

PS/ The woman is very busy and hasn't had much time to blog this week. She apologises for the silence. Also, she says sorry for me being very irritable recently, and she complains that I've become especially "princessy" and whiny since she got too busy to play with me. Well LIFE IS TOUGH SO DEAL!!!

Woman, just shove your whining up where the sun don't shine... HEY HEY DON'T TAKE ME OFF THE KEYBOARD I'M NOT DONE YET LET ME GO YOU STUPI

Friday, February 10, 2006

Gratuitous Photos

Assorted recent pics, and I'm too lazy to come up with more interesting captions I'm afraid. After all, it's Friday night, the weekend is upon us, woohoooooo.

Have a great weekend everyone. And if you're interested, why not join us for the Cat Blogger Meet Up this Sunday? Details!

Venue: Indochine @ Wisma
Date: Sunday 12 Feb 2006
Time: 12:30 pm
Contact: Cat at so she can reserve a seat for you.
Nationality: Dutch ['nuff said]

A shot of Teddy's kimono: getting my value for money

Boonie is not amused with his first time wearing a tank top

Lucie trying hard to get the "fierce model" look just right

Lucie will be a beautiful cat when she grows up. Just like...

Chocolate: the resident model/poseur, depending on whether you like her [eh, Pip?]


Window redecoration is the pwn.

To stop Doe escaping from the house ANYMORE, to eat exotic fruit and share his experience with us on our beds/ floors/ carpets/ sofas/ almost every bleeding surface imaginable, the husband and I decided to tighten the plastic mesh we'd placed over the rather large laundry room window.

So we set to work in the evening after a horrible dinner of takeaway pizza [if any, ahem, reputable pizza establishment recommends their cinnamon bread sticks you are to slam the phone down screaming "The power of Christ compels you! The power of Christ compels you!". Those damn... things are Satan's unwashed anal probes. They even look the part].

The husband stayed in the house to fix the mesh from the inside; I went out with the stepladder to help fasten the mesh with plastic clips.

Then we realised a flaw in our fantastic plan: we couldn't adequately tighten down one particular corner of the mesh, because the window grille was one of those useless decorative ones that didn't extend to all corners of the window. To rub salt in the wound, Doe came by while we were trying to solve the problem, and demonstrated to us how he would pull back the mesh in that corner before crawling through to freedom.

Finally husband came up with one of his effective yet highly quirky ideas. We, uhh, have a lot of disposable chopsticks handy [from all that Chinese takeaway]. Chopsticks. Grille. Lots of plastic clips. Yeah, we did that.

And with the gift of amazing timing that I seem to possess recently, a neighbour walked by while I was balancing on the ladder in my tatty old nightgown, hair bunned up, tying wooden chopsticks onto a window. Husband was behind the window and conveniently stooped down to pick something up/hide, while I smiled desperately at Her [I dunno her name] and tried to make small talk.

Oh, did I mention that this neighbour hates animals?

"Err, hello! We're fixing the window so the cats can't escape." GRIN.

She said "Oh!" and smiled back, but couldn't entirely hide the horror in her eyes or suppress the vibe of Oh-god-the-value-of-my-treasured-property-is-depreciated-by-this-here-goddamn-crazy-goddamn-cat-goddamn-woman.

Ah well. It's done, anyway. Until we come up with a better idea.

Trapped, the X-Cats tried to eye-laser their way out of the Chopstick Gulag

Don't you love it? How the top left corner looks so stylish. Modern Oriental, you think?


Thursday, February 09, 2006


Where is my poem? Where is my poem?!?!?!?!

Damn you,!!!

Thankfully I have a draft somewhere that I will dig up and post, and this time I'll post it about two gazillion times so you can't delete my literary work so easily, DAMN YOU BLOGGER.COM!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111

Angry Pip!

New Ambi Purr*: Feline Citrus

[*Ambi Pure: local (?) brand of air freshener]

Doe has been vomiting on and off lately, with greater-than-normal frequency. He has a sensitive gut and has always been a bit of a puker, but now it's almost everyday. I'm keeping it under control with Benebac and it's improving, so fingers crossed.

Why am I mentioning this? Because... CUE YET ANOTHER WEIRD AND SLIGHTLY GROSS STORY THAT ONLY CAT LOVERS CAN UNDERSTAND. Yet again. Gaaaaaaaahhh. Teehee.

It was about a week ago. I was rushing off to work and slipped on my fav pair of smart black sandals. Before I put it on I'd noticed some crusty brown bits on the sides, but thought it was cat litter from their paws. Some of the cats like to slip their heads/paws in my footwear and slide around the living room roaring, enthralled in some crazy kitty version of bumper cars.

So I didn't think much of it. Plus it was 7 in the morning and I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON, NO SIRREE. It was only when I got out of the car and walked towards the building that I started thinking, Hmm, I don't remember this sticky squelchy feeling.

By the time I reached the office I was beginning to make this sick speeeuuccchh sound everytime my left foot hit the floor. Oh what joy.

I went into the bathroom, took off my sandal and started cleaning out the vomit... and then, with the incredible genius found only in rocket scientists such as myself, decided that maybe if I sniffed the vomit I'd scraped off, I would be able to ascertain the cause[s] of Doe's recent pukejoy.

Deep sniff. Ahh, the sweet aroma. Mmm... I know that one. Cat biscuit... and citrus???

Then it hit me [the eureka moment of discovery, not the aroma]: Doe sometimes scampers out the door for a couple minutes of outdoor scampering-time, and he's very fond of my neighbour's plants [sigh]. I stop him the moment I catch him, of course, and usually he's under close supervision, but he must've got lucky one night. And ate the forbidden fruit of the neighbour's Chinese New Year kumquat tree.

Oh, the triumph of logical deduction. Barefoot in the bathroom, face in sandal, I sniggered in delight. I had Done It. Cracked code. Solved mystery. Rocket scientist.

And then my colleagues walked in.


Strange, this

I've been having odd troubles with lately.

When I check out the "Edit Posts" tab, Pip's latest poem isn't there at all. It comes out fine on the blog itself, but it doesn't exist when/if I go backstage and decide I may want to edit it. [Not that I would ever want to touch perfection. Stop biting me.]

I'm mildly bewildered, and Pip is furious. She thinks there's some underhanded anti-poetry conspiracy going on. If any of you have commented on the post, I'm sorry for the strange silence but nothing's registering here. Does anyone know how to deal with's occasional hiccups, like these?


Anyway, I've been really busy lately and wish I could blog more. with more photos. Yessssss. Everyone loves photos. I will, soon.


Friday, February 03, 2006

"Do I Hear What I Hear?..."

Came across this poster... in a cd shop... in a big mall... along the east coast of literate, if not always coherent, Singapore:

Featuring the Singles:
Tears in Heavens
Do I Hear What I Hear
He's Not Heavy
Let There Be Peach On Earth

I took a pic on my camera-phone, but the resolution is stinking retarded.

I don't know how they employ these copywriters sometimes... what were they trying to do... making little mistakes with titles is bad enough, but messing up all the "featured singles"? Did the promoters simply get a bunch of hungry cats to copy out the titles, or is this deliberate? Do I detect a whiff of sabotage, or was that just Pip trying to wipe her butt on my face earlier?

Whatever. I think I wanna get the cd now. Wahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

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