Thursday, February 16, 2006

No One Ever Asks Me Out

So last Sunday the woman met up with some other cat bloggers.

She had lunch with a bunch of lovely people.

She had a good time.

She tried to eat the coaster by dropping it "accidentally" on her plate of food when she thought no one was looking, but got caught. She loves coasters.

I only have one question.

How come no one ever asks me out?

And how come only stupid people like the woman have jobs and lives, and get to eat beef stew and do nice stuff when they are so fat and stupid and smelly... whereas beautiful creatures like me are stuck in a flat, with BISCUITS and FREAKING HORRIBLE CHOPSTICK-INFESTED WINDOWS and being SPOKEN TO IN BABY LANGUAGE??? CAN YOU ANSWER ME THAT??? HUH??? HUH??!?!?!?!

Oh now that's two questions. So clever you, for pointing it out. Why don't you bite me.

Pip Princess

PS/ The woman is very busy and hasn't had much time to blog this week. She apologises for the silence. Also, she says sorry for me being very irritable recently, and she complains that I've become especially "princessy" and whiny since she got too busy to play with me. Well LIFE IS TOUGH SO DEAL!!!

Woman, just shove your whining up where the sun don't shine... HEY HEY DON'T TAKE ME OFF THE KEYBOARD I'M NOT DONE YET LET ME GO YOU STUPI

Princess Pip, I ask you out lah. How?
You so cute and no one ask you out? Life's so unfair right? I'm so cute also and no one asks me out also. Boo hoo hoo....
cat_aunty and kxbc: What I should do is learn how to drive. Then I'll sneak out at night, pick up you guys, and we'll party till dawn.

Except we would probably crash because I haven't got opposable thumbs. Dang. Dang my lack of opposable thumbs!

But thank you for sharing my frustration. It's good to know there are creatures with brains out there.

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