Monday, June 25, 2007

Raspberry Cat

The evening gloom falls over the church of St. Tudwal, Llanstadwell

Some pix for youuuuuu

Raspberries from the MIL's garden. They have a garden and an orchard, quite a bit of land. The apple trees are bearing fruit but we won't be around to taste them.

We need to harvest the raspberries every 48 hours or so. That's how often they give us another ripe crop, yummy!
So we eat 'em raw or cooked in puddings and all sorts.
Although this being rural Wales, the raspberries usually carry their little friends with them. I'm not talking tiny aphids, I'm referring to juicy inch-long earwigs and fat ladybugs and other... hugeass multi-legged things that we have to check for before we eat.

Raspberries are soft, sweet and tart, with many little seeds and tiny hairs.

Once in a while you'll bite into something that goes crunch, that's bitter and mushy and the tiny hairs, well, they're more fibrous, like little legs... then you swallow.

It's good sometimes not to know.
But really. Yummy stuff, if you ignore the extra protein.


It's cold out despite being summer, so the critters outside try to come in and warm up a bit, poor things.

That's how the husband was bitten by a 3-inch long centipede in bed.

I love the country life.


Ah... 'tis ye. Dids ye brings it then, lassss?

Here I am.
Gives us the passssword, luv.
Ummm... "Dwy ddim yn gwybod"*...
Closssse enough, comes ye over then.

* "I don't know" (Welsh)

I bring great-tasting, low-calorie bribes** from exotic lands.
Cor' Lumme! Be that mine treatsiessss, luvvie?!

**Katsuoboshi (Bonito flakes) from Taiwan. I haven't met a cat that didn't love this at first bite.


I should go. Everywhere, spies are watching.
Well you knows where I always issss, luv.
Bye now Mister Black Cat.
Till next time then, ta.


Thursday, June 21, 2007

Welsh Summer (Too Rainy For Pics)

You can click here if you want to see how warm summer is in Wales at the moment. Remember, click on Milford Haven, that's where I am right now.
Really, check out the dang temperatures.

Welsh Summer! Flying Pig! Margarita on the Rocks! Nice Well-Behaved Pip! I'll have an ice-cream, nice and hot please!
Welsh Summer!!!


So here I am in the FIL's study. They've gone off for a couple of days so it's just me, the Husband and a guest from Romania called Marius for the next three days.

I realise I've dreadfully underpacked for this trip, and I've only got the one denim jacket.
The Husband is walking around in three layers of clothing.
Yesterday the MIL hung a batch of washing out to dry and almost lost it all; the wind ripped the clothes right off the line.
It's the sort of wind where you have to make sure your feet are firmly on the ground or else you'll fall (I almost did, yesterday) - the wind actually sweeps you off and pushes you down.
Heavy downpours everyday since we came.

Speaking of feet. My feet are numb. Fingers ditto.


Getting severe withdrawal symptoms for my favourite music, oh why didn't I invest in an iPod or something.
It's getting so bad I lie in bed and play the songs in my head.
Quoting Silverchair, "I'm a freak."


A couple days ago I found Mister Black Cat asleep in the graveyard next to where I'm staying.

So I fed him a bunch of bonito flakes, piled on his little tum as he lay on the grass.
He didn't know what it was at first, then stuck out his tongue and licked.
The look on his face was priceless, ZOMG ZIS BE GOOOOD SMACKKKK!!!!!1111oneone
The whole bunch of flakes disappeared really fast.


I haven't seen many cats so far (what with the weather we're having they're prolly all hiding), but here is what I saw when I was in the UK last year. So clickety click.

Actually I was here pretty much all of June last year when the weather WAS MUCH MUCH BETTER DANG IT.
So do have a look, it's pretty much my life again right now.


Have received your lovely mails, lambj and jenniferyq. Am already happily buying little knick-knacks for you, so fun. :)
kuro-shiro-neko, you've got some stuff from me too (yes I read comments!). Need your address though, so do mail me. ;)

Sorry I haven't replied to mails, I usually need to take some time for composing and I haven't had that luxury. Soon.


The husband read my previous post, saw the pic in the previous post, muttered something Welsh under his breath and stormed off sulking.
Oops. I think I've just lost a blog reader.


Did I mention I had a great time in Taiwan despite having mild food poisoning and diarrhoea - AGAIN - for about five days?*
I am so good at this "take care of your health" business. So good.

*please don't get mad, i'm just stupid like that


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Here I Am (Update - Sleep = Randomness)

in Llanstadwel, Milford Haven; Wales, the UK.
At the in-laws'.

Taiwan was fun. I wanna go back already.
Then I went back home to Singapore for 24 hours to repack, regroup.
Except I ended up not sleeping much because there was a miscommunication with the catsitter, who didn't keep the seven dwarves in their kitchen cave.

So they all slept on my bed without human supervision.

I came home at 1 am to a bedroom that stank of cat pee, a bed covered in three large puddles of old pee and vomit, and my pillow destroyed.
Then when I put the bedsheets in to wash, the washing machine broke down.

I ended up napping on the couch at 7 am. Woke up at 11 am with six cats around and on me all sleeping very well. Except for Pip who was acting up again and sleeping on top of the washing machine (I don't want to know if there is a connection here I should consider).

I've been kinda asleepwithmyeyesopen the past couple days, gave very strange answers to some of the customs/immigrations officials unlucky enough to deal with me, and yeah.
That's that.

12 hr flight + 4 hr bus ride + 2 hr drive =
bloody bloody tired

The grinning Husband* ran up to me at Heathrow, gave several big juicy kisses while I just stood there in a daze (I'm not very affectionate, I know), and then said "I read your blog. While we're on holiday I absolutely forbid any mention of your current favourite boy."

*We haven't seen each other for a couple months so he was grinning and affectionate. No, the Husband doesn't habitually run about grinning and kissing people.

Uh, okay.

The gayest pic I could find of Favourite Boy.

Don't look at me. I'm not saying anything.

ps - I'm an evil spiteful naughty wife. I know already. Hahahahaaaa!!!

pps - I'm not writing down Fav Boy's name in this blog because I don't want his rabid fans to google his name, then come here and shriek at me for perceived offences against their beloved M******** K******, eg "How dare you insinuate that MK is homosexual, I am planning to marry/rape/abduct him and have his beautiful babies" etc. I mean, I just think the guy is cute. Leave me alone, dammit.

ppps - Okay, I think I get paranoid when I haven't had enough sleep.

pppps - But I also think that the Husband, lovely sexy kind intelligent housework-doing man that he is, shouldn't be getting so riled over some good-looking japanese actor of dubious sexuality.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

And she's off!!!

We can only sit and stare.

Bah! We wanna go too!

But we can't open windows,

No matter how hard

We press our noses against the panes...

Stupid Woman!
Quick! Where's our Death Note?!

(Just kidding.)

Boonichi Fatsoyama and
Tedsuya FullCheekwara

ps - Momie Ladie will you stop makin fun of us pls. Teddy and Boonie


Contest Prizewinners, please refer to comments in previous post (I ended up posting multiple comments because I am so scatterbrained today, I don't even know where to begin).

I haven't started packing yet btw. Flying tomorrow morning.


Tuesday, June 05, 2007


++Update: Good Lord I just realised that I haven't been citing my sources for the contest pics. And truth be told I can't remember where. If by some crazy chance you, yes YOU, dear reader recognise any of these pics as yours please let me know and I'll acknowledge it. Thanks.++


... is this competition.

Final pics below, and if you live in Japanese/Chinese-speaking Asia and you don't know this then SHAME ON YOUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As for readers from other countries, I am very sorry.

With the swiftness of intelligence that CatDonna is very well-known for, it took a while for the fact to sink in my tiny head that you guys probably have NO IDEA who I'm talking about.

I'm so sorry. *extremely sheepish*
But if you do know then more power to you, yay.
Keep reading, there's something for you at the bottom of the post.

And the final pics are

Promotional pics for Mystery Person's breakthrough movie

I love love love Mod-style eyeliner and he carries it so well, coddangit

A scene from his breakthrough movie. Check out ze lollipop!
(My Favourite Boy is in drag on the right. So kawaii, these Japanese trannies.)*

Okay, just tell me name of actor and title of breakthrough movie.

You have until this Friday, so easy right.
All correct answers get a little gift from me...
This contest is sooooooooo

*Kidding lah.


Actually I had two reasons for this competition:

1. The husband's taken the camera to Maine and I'm stuck with another camera, my brother's, the USB cable of which is NOT WITH ME hahahaha so CLEVURRRRRRR. So no new cat pics, and I must have pics on my blog dammit. (I'm very turned on by visual and aural stimulation, I need to be surrounded by images and music all the time, especially music, and it must be KILLER good.)

2. I'm leaving for Taiwan and then the UK from 10 June onwards, will be back by 6 July. Will blog as often as I can from wherever I am. And I thought it would be nice to have a dumb excuse to buy something for you guys, 'cause I really enjoy buying little gifts for people, SEE HOW NICE I AM TO MY READERS! Because at CatDonna's Cats, we do it ALL FOR YOU!!!!1111!!

Then alamak I realised too late that this contest is unfair to non-Asian readers.
Lesson: Don't try anything funny when you're too sick to think straight.

Okay how about this!
Readers NOT from Asia, please drop a comment and share about your favourite movie/actor to win a little gift from Taiwan or Wales! (If you want.)


Saturday, June 02, 2007

24 Hours Later...

... I've lost another half a kg or so. Which means I'm two kg down after three days' worth of food poisoning.

Oh and it's my first time too (well, kind of). Having food poisoning like this, I mean. CatDonna's Legendary Stomach of Steel, having withstood the ravages of dubious curries in India, eating next to rubbish heaps in Manila, and digesting unrecognisable/inedible bits in street food all over third-world Asia*, is finally done in by her own cooking.

*Damn you nice friendly bunch of people in P*****n for serving me half-raw pig eyeball and watching me chew, swallow, then thank you politely.


... Someone went running in the same nature reserve where I was inexplicably trying to dehydrate/exhaust myself to death. And was killed by a falling tree.


Quite a bit in 24 hours, wouldn't you say.


Victor, we haven't forgotten the meme. We're drafting it now. It will be out soon.


Because NOW I wanna give a "Name That Strange Ugly Boy"* contest clue againnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!1111eleventyone111

*You know who are you are: happy now? Sheesh.

Clue 2: He likes sweets and desserts, BOTH ONSCREEN AND OFF.

(Okay slight digression here: who else is slightly freaked out, and not in a good way, by the above pic of CatDonna's Current Favourite Boy? I mean, the guy looks like he's 12 in this photo. All these teenagers going around doing the sexy thang to get gigs and stuff.

Gosh, they sure start 'em young in Japan.)

And here's the actor's feline doppelganger, Doe enjoying his own favourite sweet confection: a nice lychee ice-lolly.

BIG lick now

Mmmm, that was nice

Boonie wants a share

Eh. This contest is easy.
Once I put up the final pic (and that will be soon).

Love lots
ps - Off to loo again.

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