Thursday, May 31, 2007

Seven Steps to Losing 1.5 Kg* In 48 Hours + Another Contest! Does CatDonna Never Learn?!?!?!

*That's 3.3 lbs for those who are not fans of the Metrix.

1. Forget breakfast. Put on running gear.
2. Forget water. Leave the house.
3. Go for a run at your nearest nature reserve. Try to run for about 90 minutes.
4. Wonder why you feel like Weak Thirsty Death Warmed Over.
5. Go home and decide that you just need some food to feel less crappy. Eat toast with scrambled eggs and three-day-old salmon from the fridge that you reheated halfway, then thought what the heck.
6. Get a fever. Your temp should rise in a couple hours. When you start feeling really bad, start doing work to take your mind off it.
7. In about three hours, the salmon will start doin' the jiggy. Be warned: the resulting butt purge is about as close to a hazardous liquid explosion as most of us (not otherwise skilled in biochemical warfare) will ever get.

Baby Pip demonstrates how when you gotta go,
you just gotta go

Do not, do NOT under ANY CIRCUMSTANCE stubbornly wiggle your bursting bottom on the chair saying "Hang on CatDonna just finish this up and you can go, oww oww just a while more hurryyyyyyyyyy..... OMIGOD MY SHORTS ARE WET".

Hypothetically speaking.




ps - Because of my state of delirious dehydration (oh and I didn't sleep last night cos I was so excited) I have decided to put up a pic of my current Favourite Boy (TM)!

Clue 1: He's Japanese.

Who wouldn't love a face like that? Especially when the parting in his hair and his slightly peeved expression remind me of Baby Doe:


Anyway. Leave a comment and tell me who this guy is, and which well-known movie(s) he was in - and you get a prize!
No seriously! I mean it! Just like the other time when I meant it too but NOBODY, absolutely frickin' NOBODY wanted my prizes cos they thought I was gonna burn their houses down or molest their cats or something WAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! *bursts into uncontrollable weeping*

Okay, I'm serious. (Why did I just start giggling?)
PRIZES, people.
Like this. Only the winner was too shy/humiliated by association with me to admit it was actually a prize THAT'S RIGHT A PRIIIZZZZEE from my earlier little contest.
Heh heh heh!

pps - My husband says I always like the ugly boys. Even in my state of d. d. I know that's not a smart thing to say.

ppps - Breaking out in cold sweat, why???

pppps - This contest ends Friday 8 June. I shall give more clues every couple days, along with short kitty posts, I promise.

ppppps - No really, I'm serious. God.

Oh goodness! I'm terribly out of it when it comes to current movies, etc. But I can say this...I know cute kitties when I see them and those are cute kitty pictures! -SSS's mom
Ya, why you never learn har?

And that boy is not cute to me. The kitties are the cute ones.
ps: I was getting a little confused... I think it's either Matrix or Metric.
too bad i am not familiar with J actor. Hmm..i admit i am bad at recogning photos.

But my favourite J actor is Fujiki Naohito, the cute doctor in 1 litres tears. I think the actor in death note is also cute but i never bothered to find out his name.

if u offer more clue, i may know... hee....

And i do love ur comparsion of ur doe with ur favourite J actor..
No clue. What's a movie, anyway? He does look a bit like Doe.
Mom can relate to yur... problem. Bad chick-hen left her like that in the middle of moovin. She couldn't even keep water down!
Take two (or more) tabbies an blog us in the mornin. An GET WELL SOON. An STAY WELL this time!
Don't you still owe me a meme? I's confused.
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