Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year! + Contest Results

What, already?



Hokay, contest results!
Every participant gets a prize. Ho ho ho!
Because sometimes everyone wins, baby.

Guess my name!

  • cat_aunty: you win the BULLSEYE AWARD for the closest answer
  • lambj: you win the SNEAKY KITTY AWARD for attempting to flatter/bribe a member of our household into giving hints (sorry, but with Pip, only Tuna Talks!)
  • auntie p: you win the CONSPIRACY THEORIST AWARD for the most suggestions (did you do research?), and the suspicion that Lucie's real name doesn't even start with L
  • KMM: you win the CHEEKY INNUENDO AWARD for making me giggle at the thought of naming a cat Pookie. I am positive you know what you were typing! Although I think the name Spooky Pookie* is a better term for Britney Spears nowadays ;)
  • kxbc: you win the CLEVER CAT AWARD for your complex (read: cheem) suggestions (you overestimate me, I'm not that clever). Lucie is only Lucid to me when I've had a couple too many tequilas
  • san: you win the SPECTACLE MAN NICKNAME AWARD for correctly guessing what the Husband occasionally calls Lucie (which is Goosie, btw)

* Pookie: An adorable name, except it sounds very much like the Malay term for, umm, ladyparts... Brit Brit's bit-bits, ya know?

All winners please mail me at saraelkelly at gmail dot com with your mailing addresses and the prizes will arrive in due time!


Lucie (L) and Boonie (R)

Lucie and Boonie were born to a beautiful stray in Purvis Street (known for its popular restaurants) around 14-15 October 2005, abandoned by said beautiful stray during a botched rescue attempt, and taken into the House of CatDonna on 17 October.

Boonie Purvis Blackbear was named after Boomie Bunnie, CatDonna's fifth rescue rabbit who shared a special bond with her (Pip's predecessor, if you will), and was frightened to death in an ambush by a three-week-old Pipperina Princess. Ladies and gents, look to the right at the profile pic - that's Pip at three weeks, and that is the smiling face of a killer.

Speaking of killers...

Pretty, pretty Lucie...

Who would have known?

Lucifer Purvis Luckystar had, besides Boonie, two other siblings: a brother and sister. The unnamed sister succumbed to Fading Kitten Syndrome after about 3 days, but suffice to say she was an exact copy of Lucie, except stripier.

As much as possible I don't name rescued newborns, because it's risky and possibly heartbreaking. But this time, somehow, I made the mistake of naming the other brother.

You see, it seemed so obvious at the time that Sunny Honeybear was going to make it.

Week-old Sunny (R) with Boonie (L), just before Lucie did him in

Sunny was a handsome striped ginger tabby, with a long tail that was slightly kinked at the tip. He was the alpha kitten of the lot, the biggest, strongest and cleverest. If he'd survived, he would easily be larger than Boonie (and B's already quite the hefty boy).

Taken on the day two-week-old Sunny died

Close-up: Sunny was about the length of my palm

To cut a long story short, Lucie suckled Sunny's penis and caused an open abrasion, resulting in a blood infection that killed him in about five days.

Sunny was about eight or ten days old when it happened - too young for strong antibiotics or surgery - and I basically watched him die.

Hence Lucifer.

Sunny had bonded to me closer than Lucie at that young age, and I remember looking at little Lucie after coming home from Sunny's euthanasia and thinking angrily, It should've been you... maybe I should just let you starve.

A devil in disguise...

The devil's in her eyes

But I didn't and well, here we are today.
Lucie's such a sweet thing. Sigh.
Man, what a stupid story to end the year with - okay, happy thoughts, happy thoughts.

Heh heh heh :) :) :)

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
With much love from the House of
CatDonna and Cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A pic of Pip to keep the fans happy. Happy New Year!

Oh... my. Such a sad story. Stories, with Pip v Bunny and Lucifer v Sunny. Ick, they even rhyme. I laughed about "pookie" as that's Garfield's teddybear's name!

Victor is looking terribly innocent. Him, bribe a judge? Perish the thought.

Well, we wish you a wonderful new year and no more killings!
We wish you a furry happy, healthy, safe, snuggly, flea-free, Temptations-filled New Year!
By the love of God/Buddha/Allah/Supreme Being, I swear that I wasn't (initially) thinking of what you were thinking of when I submitted the name Pookie. Actually it's a typo. I meant POOKY, you know, Garfield's teddy bear??????? Gawd. But after typing Pookie, I couldn't stop sniggering. Oh well.
I WON? I am the type who couldn't win anything! Not even in high school raffle tcikets draw! I WON! I WON!

*ahem* back to Earth...

Wht did Lucie suckled Sunny? Did she miss her mum? Or just to comfort him? Hmmm, a weird tale, too Virginia Andrewseque....

Still...everyone is happy now...

Happy New Year, Princess Pipperina!
A beautiful story CatDonna.

Happy New Year to you & your wonderful brood at home :) first award of the year!
Hmm...I was wondering why anyone who likes animals would name a cat I know why. Poor Sunny, it just wasn't meant to be.

Anyway, hope you're all enjoying the holidays. Happy new year!

ps: It's alright about the prize, I wouldn't want you to go through all that expense. Thanks. ;)
Wah! Morbid story to start 2007. But I am morbid too.

Pookie is Garfield's teddy bear. And he is one great looking teddy bear. So is Garfield.
Whah. I won something. How cool is that :)) Happy New Year Princess Pipperina and Lucifer of course.
Nice close up!
Happy new year to you too :-)
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