Sunday, August 26, 2007

No News Is...

all sorts of news:

1. I've taken on a full-time relief teaching job, ON TOP OF my other part-time tuition jobs (all ten of them kids, mostly frantic 'A'-level examination year students). So my teaching/marking workload has shot up by about 500% since mid-July.

2. lambj, your gift package is still with me in a shameful half-packed state. I'm so sorry. Term break's in two weeks, I promise it'll be sent out by then. *sad face*

3. I've decided to study and sit for a language proficiency examination so that I won't be utterly useless in a country that the husband and I are considering a temporary move to. The exam is in December and I'm not up to par with the revision (not with all the teaching). Oh my God.

4. I've just discovered that I'm six weeks pregnant.

Hence no blogging for so long.
I've missed ye, lovelie blogge.
I'll be back soon.

ps - Just checked my gmail account. I'm SO SORRY I didn't realise you guys were mailing me and wondering where I'd vanished! But thank you all for your concern. My sincerest apologies for not apparently replying; I haven't checked my personal account since forever because I've been too busy and pre-occupied. SORRY!!!

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