Thursday, June 21, 2007

Welsh Summer (Too Rainy For Pics)

You can click here if you want to see how warm summer is in Wales at the moment. Remember, click on Milford Haven, that's where I am right now.
Really, check out the dang temperatures.

Welsh Summer! Flying Pig! Margarita on the Rocks! Nice Well-Behaved Pip! I'll have an ice-cream, nice and hot please!
Welsh Summer!!!


So here I am in the FIL's study. They've gone off for a couple of days so it's just me, the Husband and a guest from Romania called Marius for the next three days.

I realise I've dreadfully underpacked for this trip, and I've only got the one denim jacket.
The Husband is walking around in three layers of clothing.
Yesterday the MIL hung a batch of washing out to dry and almost lost it all; the wind ripped the clothes right off the line.
It's the sort of wind where you have to make sure your feet are firmly on the ground or else you'll fall (I almost did, yesterday) - the wind actually sweeps you off and pushes you down.
Heavy downpours everyday since we came.

Speaking of feet. My feet are numb. Fingers ditto.


Getting severe withdrawal symptoms for my favourite music, oh why didn't I invest in an iPod or something.
It's getting so bad I lie in bed and play the songs in my head.
Quoting Silverchair, "I'm a freak."


A couple days ago I found Mister Black Cat asleep in the graveyard next to where I'm staying.

So I fed him a bunch of bonito flakes, piled on his little tum as he lay on the grass.
He didn't know what it was at first, then stuck out his tongue and licked.
The look on his face was priceless, ZOMG ZIS BE GOOOOD SMACKKKK!!!!!1111oneone
The whole bunch of flakes disappeared really fast.


I haven't seen many cats so far (what with the weather we're having they're prolly all hiding), but here is what I saw when I was in the UK last year. So clickety click.

Actually I was here pretty much all of June last year when the weather WAS MUCH MUCH BETTER DANG IT.
So do have a look, it's pretty much my life again right now.


Have received your lovely mails, lambj and jenniferyq. Am already happily buying little knick-knacks for you, so fun. :)
kuro-shiro-neko, you've got some stuff from me too (yes I read comments!). Need your address though, so do mail me. ;)

Sorry I haven't replied to mails, I usually need to take some time for composing and I haven't had that luxury. Soon.


The husband read my previous post, saw the pic in the previous post, muttered something Welsh under his breath and stormed off sulking.
Oops. I think I've just lost a blog reader.


Did I mention I had a great time in Taiwan despite having mild food poisoning and diarrhoea - AGAIN - for about five days?*
I am so good at this "take care of your health" business. So good.

*please don't get mad, i'm just stupid like that


Oh dear....sounds cold....erm..take care...go to the stores and get some warm clothes or something
The sun's out!
The sun's out!
The sun's out!
The sun's out!
The sun's out!
The sun's out!
The sun's out!

I am too happy for words.
Catdonna, yur becomin a lot like a cat... if they find you lying in a sunspot on the carpet, you may get taken away.

Mom says the weather an wrong clothes packed are a good excuse to go SHOPPING! She was unprepared fur cold in Manchester (silly, it was July) an bought a few fings.

Haf fun! Purrs to the graveyard cat.
Oh victor, the sun's gone away again! :(

Gale-force winds and floods all over the UK.
But at least there IS shopping to look forward to, as you say.

I will never never trust British weather again.

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