Friday, June 23, 2006


Some of the more interesting/cuter cats I met along my jolly travels thus far.


Cat belonging to husband's friend's neighbour. Sleepy little fella with car phobia and a dirty nose.

This is Ginger! Belonging to another friend of the husband's [it's getting confusing, I know].
You gotta love her expression.

I dunno if I'm stereotyping here but Ginger, like most tortoiseshells, is very chatty. And bossy. She kept talking to me. Kept telling me to do things. "Open the door dammit, I want in!" "Now I wanna leave, get your butt here and let me out!" "Pay attention to meeeeee" etc.

This is Fred, husband's friend's other cat. Handsome boy. He hardly ever appears though. Both Fred and Ginger are indoor-outdoor cats.


Super friendly, super furry cat. He never failed to look me in the eye and meow loudly in greeting as I passed by. Then he would come along, purring, for cheek rubs and strokes.

He's no wuss though. Check out the ragged ear.
Homeboy's had a few good fights in his time.

This is Scoot, who lives with our London friend.
She was adopted from the Battersea Home for Animals about a year ago and she's approx 5 years old now.

She's shy and wary with strangers, but warms up if you take the feather toy thingy and make an absolute fool of yourself with it. Trust me on this one.


Another lovely little fellow. Friendly and chatty, purring and rubbing against our legs. Unlike the London cat, this guy was too excited to stay in one spot and pose for pics.

To be fair to him, though, he was probably just trying to keep warm.
The weather that day was pretty cold, with strong winds and sea spray from the beach next to us [Brighton, as you know, is a seaside resort city thingamajig]. We were surrounded by the sea almost everywhere we went. Lovely.

I have lotsa other pics of the wonderful UK in summer but I won't post 'em up now because YOU DON'T CARE, YOU DON'T CARE, DO YOU. Cads! *takes pen and stabs stomach in self-pity*

Heh heh.
I'll probably do it tomorrow.
Have some cute doggie pics to post too.
It's getting late. Night.


Wow, so many cats. And all of them looks so fluffy, and probably going to shed a bit of fur getting ready for the summer. It seems strange but KK, BB and YY had grown fluffier too. I dread the day when they start shedding *tears hair*.
Heehee Ginger has a very smug expression. All the cats look very well-built.
Scoot is definitely my favorite. She just looks so precious with the way her fur frames her face. Very nice pictures all together!
Hey, maybe it's a spot an not dirt - my nose looks like that! I like Fred an Ginger - do they dance? The gray furry cat looks like a neighborhood cat, one that has a home but goes out to see efurryone walkin by. Scoot's a cutey an knows how to use you. The Brighton ginger has loverly eyes. I wonder if they meow in British English?
Haven't visited your blog for a while, my mum has been too busy working on her reports. You have been busy! We didn't realise you had been to London, was it anywhere near us? We would have said come over for tea! We like the pictures but my mum is shocked that you went swimming in the sea. She grew up by the sea (in Cornwall) and she hardly ever swims in the sea in the UK because it is far too cold! She says you must be tough to swim in it.
kxbc: My cats aren't all that fuzzy [except Teddy who's half-Persian] but I already get a headache from seeing their hairs everywhere in the house... my sympathies. :P

cat_aunty: Ginger's my fav. Such a cheeky little thing. As for the well built part, I think it's mostly genetic.

zeus: Scoot is such a princess with her aloof manners, but she's really pretty isn't she. Thx for the compliment! :)

victor: "Scoot's a cutie and knows how to use you"... you are so right!!! Hahahaha. I'm not too good at cat languages so I'm not sure about the British English part, sorry. But one thing for sure, they're just as naughty and lovable anywhere in the world.

eric: I left a comment on your blog when I first came over [couldn't find your email address in time, sorry]. But when you didn't respond I figured you must be busy after the half-term break.

Unfortunately I'm not likely to be in London anymore, except to *sort of* pass by it on my way to Heathrow via Derby in a few days. But that's alright, next time I pop along I'll definitely give you a shout. :)
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