Saturday, June 02, 2007

24 Hours Later...

... I've lost another half a kg or so. Which means I'm two kg down after three days' worth of food poisoning.

Oh and it's my first time too (well, kind of). Having food poisoning like this, I mean. CatDonna's Legendary Stomach of Steel, having withstood the ravages of dubious curries in India, eating next to rubbish heaps in Manila, and digesting unrecognisable/inedible bits in street food all over third-world Asia*, is finally done in by her own cooking.

*Damn you nice friendly bunch of people in P*****n for serving me half-raw pig eyeball and watching me chew, swallow, then thank you politely.


... Someone went running in the same nature reserve where I was inexplicably trying to dehydrate/exhaust myself to death. And was killed by a falling tree.


Quite a bit in 24 hours, wouldn't you say.


Victor, we haven't forgotten the meme. We're drafting it now. It will be out soon.


Because NOW I wanna give a "Name That Strange Ugly Boy"* contest clue againnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!1111eleventyone111

*You know who are you are: happy now? Sheesh.

Clue 2: He likes sweets and desserts, BOTH ONSCREEN AND OFF.

(Okay slight digression here: who else is slightly freaked out, and not in a good way, by the above pic of CatDonna's Current Favourite Boy? I mean, the guy looks like he's 12 in this photo. All these teenagers going around doing the sexy thang to get gigs and stuff.

Gosh, they sure start 'em young in Japan.)

And here's the actor's feline doppelganger, Doe enjoying his own favourite sweet confection: a nice lychee ice-lolly.

BIG lick now

Mmmm, that was nice

Boonie wants a share

Eh. This contest is easy.
Once I put up the final pic (and that will be soon).

Love lots
ps - Off to loo again.

faster put up the final pic lah. talk so much.

ksn aka kitty pornographer aka i-sure-win-catdonna's-prize-this-time
Dear KSN, not fair lah, you know so much about Japan what....Funny to see a cat eating popsicles. I thought only dogs like them
Doe is far more handsome than any of those humans. So cute licking his ice lolly. Enough of humans they cannot compare to kitties!

Doe could play the good and evil for any death note...he delivers them personally to Teddy I know.
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