Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Here I Am (Update - Sleep = Randomness)

in Llanstadwel, Milford Haven; Wales, the UK.
At the in-laws'.

Taiwan was fun. I wanna go back already.
Then I went back home to Singapore for 24 hours to repack, regroup.
Except I ended up not sleeping much because there was a miscommunication with the catsitter, who didn't keep the seven dwarves in their kitchen cave.

So they all slept on my bed without human supervision.

I came home at 1 am to a bedroom that stank of cat pee, a bed covered in three large puddles of old pee and vomit, and my pillow destroyed.
Then when I put the bedsheets in to wash, the washing machine broke down.

I ended up napping on the couch at 7 am. Woke up at 11 am with six cats around and on me all sleeping very well. Except for Pip who was acting up again and sleeping on top of the washing machine (I don't want to know if there is a connection here I should consider).

I've been kinda asleepwithmyeyesopen the past couple days, gave very strange answers to some of the customs/immigrations officials unlucky enough to deal with me, and yeah.
That's that.

12 hr flight + 4 hr bus ride + 2 hr drive =
bloody bloody tired

The grinning Husband* ran up to me at Heathrow, gave several big juicy kisses while I just stood there in a daze (I'm not very affectionate, I know), and then said "I read your blog. While we're on holiday I absolutely forbid any mention of your current favourite boy."

*We haven't seen each other for a couple months so he was grinning and affectionate. No, the Husband doesn't habitually run about grinning and kissing people.

Uh, okay.

The gayest pic I could find of Favourite Boy.

Don't look at me. I'm not saying anything.

ps - I'm an evil spiteful naughty wife. I know already. Hahahahaaaa!!!

pps - I'm not writing down Fav Boy's name in this blog because I don't want his rabid fans to google his name, then come here and shriek at me for perceived offences against their beloved M******** K******, eg "How dare you insinuate that MK is homosexual, I am planning to marry/rape/abduct him and have his beautiful babies" etc. I mean, I just think the guy is cute. Leave me alone, dammit.

ppps - Okay, I think I get paranoid when I haven't had enough sleep.

pppps - But I also think that the Husband, lovely sexy kind intelligent housework-doing man that he is, shouldn't be getting so riled over some good-looking japanese actor of dubious sexuality.

Why would the cats sleep in a bed they had pee-ed and vomitted on??

I mean, they were angry with you for abandoning them lah. But then they missed you so they went to the bed for your smell???
Dunno. But I wouldn't put so much stock by the obnoxious things my cats do. Knowing Pip and sometimes Choc, peeing on the bed is fun. And that's all they really care about. Damn cats.
No wonder husbandman takes jobs on the other side of the world! Otherwise he'd have nowhere to sleep! Naughty cats!

Dad gets jealous when Mom watches Highlander. So Adrien Paul is cute - it's ok to notice that, right? Like they (men) don't notice babes.

Someone once said, "Just because I've bought my Honda doesn't mean I can't admire the Ferrari." But no test drives!
Someone once said, "Just because I've bought my Honda doesn't mean I can't admire the Ferrari." But no test drives!

Heh heh! I like that.
In fact, I think media personalities make better objects of admiration than say, colleagues *shudder* - and they're usually much cuter too. ;)
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