Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Up for Adoption: LUCIE & BOONIE

The potential adopters for Lucie and Boonie couldn't take them in the end due to insurmountable obstacles, ie parents. Which is fair because it's important that all members of the household accept the adopted animal, and if that can't happen, it's better not to take in the pet and cause unnecessary grief.


Future Calvin Klein models, you think?

You might want to check out their history HERE. More photos HERE.

Boonie and Lucie are now about four months old.

Boonie is turning out to be an extremely outgoing, attention seeking LAP HOG. He's very sociable, loves pets and cuddles, and enjoys flirting with the ladies; Chocolate is seriously crushing on him and even Pip cuddles up once in a while. And he loves to talk to humans, and brush up on whatever passes for him as English. He toddles up to you and initiates conversation with his meows and chirrups, waits until you respond, then replies with a mrrah?

Boonie "Casanova" Blackbear [R, with Choc]: good with the ladies

The Boon can't shut his yap even when posing for photos

Lucie is a very good example of the cliche that "you've got to watch out for the quiet ones". She's nowhere as vocal as her brother; she's friendly and lovable in her own way, but won't actively seek out company as frequently as the Boon. Lucie loves the quiet napping spots and clearly lives in the rich world of her imagination, where all the stuffed toys in the house are fair prey for kitten wrestling. Lucie's very smart and has her own indefinable charm.

I'm a good girl, y'all.

Just hand over the crack and everything will be fine... yesss...

For GOOD OWNERS ONLY. I cannot stress this enough. Also, they've bonded very closely so they need to be adopted TOGETHER. But that's great because Lucie and Boonie's personalities complement each other, so you get twice the joy and half the trouble. Great deal yeah?

Please do consider these lovely kitties, or if you can't, spread the word about them! Thanks a lot.


Will keep a lookout for potential adopters for you.

Good luck Lucie & Boonie!
Lucie and Boonie look so good together, especially when they tear the place apart. Hehehe......

We regretted not adopting Kim Kim's daughter together and now there is no more news of Kimmy. Sad sad. And she was such a beauty.

Hope L&B will be adopted out together to a good family who will always care for them.

Cat: thanks! I need all the help and lobang I can get.

kxbc: yeah I hope so too. Till then, we hope and pray ya? :)
we hope your babies find a very loving home. our mom dopted our brother and sister together, they are brother and sister. mom said she just wanted one but felt love so she told dad ok bring both home. bob and bonnie are nine months now and we do love them.

zorro's crew
Bah! Why must they be in Singapore?! I could scoop them up right now!
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