Friday, December 30, 2005

Cats, Interrupted: ADOPTION NOTICE

I'm afraid I have to interrupt this pleasant monologue to make a rather urgent announcement:

LUCIE LUCKYSTAR (left) and BOONIE BLACKBEAR (right) are up for adoption. I'm currently fostering them. They were born around 15 Oct 2005 and were abandoned by their mother soon after. As you can see from this picture, these two young delinquents' lives have since spiralled downwards into apathetic drug-infused debaucheries, sprawled over IKEA bathroom rugs and having psychedelic rainbow-coloured hallucinations about the elusive Mother Teat that could have been.

Lucie is a female tortoiseshell tabby; Boonie is a male black tabby. Lucie is intelligent and gutsy and endearingly affectionate, whilst Boonie is a bit of a prankster and attention seeker. As kittens raised entirely by humans in a multi-cat household, Luce and Boon are confident and comfortable with people and with other cats. Also, they've bonded closely, so it would be great if they could be adopted together.

For committed and responsible cat lovers only. If you're interested, I can be contacted at saraelkelly at gmail dot com. Please help our cause and spread the word, all of you to whom I have shamelessly publicised this blog and these kittens. And thank you so much for your support.

More pics:

Lucie and Boonie napping with Uncle Teddy

Lucie posing in the study

Boonie checking out the home office

Okay back to the usual programme.


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