Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Was skimming through my previous post [that I suspect no one has commented on because they were dumbstruck by how terribly strange it was], when it became really, really obvious that I was writing it under the influence of TOTAL STRESS AND INSANITY.

Which in a weird way is kinda cool. Clearly, this is what happens when there's a truckload of work eating away at your brain and you come home daily to puddles of vomit on the floor and you're supposed to be losing weight but you're too tired to care and WHAT IS THAT COCONUT CAKE DOING in your fat filthy hand, dang it.

Anyway, I'm very happy today. Was humming away and tapping my cake-free [for once, surprisingly] fingers on all kinds of surfaces, but only realised after a long while that I'd been singing/ tapping the Elmo Song. Heh heh!

Then I came home in the evening and I haven't seen Doe puke yet! I think he hasn't puked today! [Note: I've cut down on the biscuits I leave out, buffet-style, for the cats. I think it's kind of working. Yaaaay.]

And Lucie and Boonie knocked over TWO dining chairs! The BEASTS!!!!!

But I love 'em too much to care.

Just so gosh darn happy.
La la la la la la la la... ELMO SONG!!!!!!!!!


Whah how they play until like that??!
It's when the kitties are trying to get from the floor to the dining table. They jump up the chairs and then launch off the back of the chairs towards the table.

I've seen Lucie literally kick a chair to the ground using this method. Violent little beast.
Ah... life with cats is not complete without the unexpected CRASH and BOOM.

~5-Cat Style
Lovely isn't it, coming home to little surprises here and there, courtesy of us cats?
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