Friday, February 03, 2006

"Do I Hear What I Hear?..."

Came across this poster... in a cd shop... in a big mall... along the east coast of literate, if not always coherent, Singapore:

Featuring the Singles:
Tears in Heavens
Do I Hear What I Hear
He's Not Heavy
Let There Be Peach On Earth

I took a pic on my camera-phone, but the resolution is stinking retarded.

I don't know how they employ these copywriters sometimes... what were they trying to do... making little mistakes with titles is bad enough, but messing up all the "featured singles"? Did the promoters simply get a bunch of hungry cats to copy out the titles, or is this deliberate? Do I detect a whiff of sabotage, or was that just Pip trying to wipe her butt on my face earlier?

Whatever. I think I wanna get the cd now. Wahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

Let There Be Peach On Earth?! Muahahaha! Sounds like The Monkey King has released a single.

~5-Cat Style
Heh heh heh!!!

Incredibly bad mistakes ya? And these people prolly get paid something decent for all this promotional crap.

Wah lau. Lidat I oso wan.
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