Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Guess My Favourite Colour

Oh look! I've gone and changed the template AGAIN! Decided to have more soothing colour combinations for the eye.

Speaking of which, some of you lucky 'uns may have come across this here fine blog during that hilarious half an hour when I was shopping at Blogskins.com and chucked in this amazing template! It was FIRE ENGINE RED! It had a FUNKY BLACK CARTOON CAT ON THE SIDE! Everything about it was either red or pink or black, which is like sooo happening! DID I MENTION IT WAS RED?

Alas, I couldn't quite figure out how to fiddle with the margins and not end up with text hanging out everywhere. But I'll try again. Till then, that big cornea-searing template will linger at the back of my mind, like a big red lingering thing, at the back of my mind.

My eyes! My eyes!

Still adding links... slowly. When it comes to this computer stuff I work at the pace of my blindfolded grandmother hopping uphill backwards on her head. Except I think I'm slower.

There are some new discoveries that I'm going to put up in my links section, and I am quite excited about that. Because, as you all have come to realise, I have no life. That's right, I spend my evenings in front of the computer, hastily wiping the streaming tears from my grubby face and biting down on a tattered handkerchief to stifle my broken, lonely sobs. So the cruel world can't see my pain.

And you can bet it's gonna be a tattered red kerchief.


Doe is still pretty much still puking... no better/worse. Thanks for your concern and advice.

For your patience, dear readers, in bearing with me all the way up till this point, I present a pic of Pip and Doe when they were little critters and still baby-cute until their inner megalomaniac/ bulimic demons emerged:

They never do this anymore.

And that's all for now. I'm off.


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