Thursday, February 09, 2006

Strange, this

I've been having odd troubles with lately.

When I check out the "Edit Posts" tab, Pip's latest poem isn't there at all. It comes out fine on the blog itself, but it doesn't exist when/if I go backstage and decide I may want to edit it. [Not that I would ever want to touch perfection. Stop biting me.]

I'm mildly bewildered, and Pip is furious. She thinks there's some underhanded anti-poetry conspiracy going on. If any of you have commented on the post, I'm sorry for the strange silence but nothing's registering here. Does anyone know how to deal with's occasional hiccups, like these?


Anyway, I've been really busy lately and wish I could blog more. with more photos. Yessssss. Everyone loves photos. I will, soon.


It happened to my sister's blog too last week, when Blogger had a huge hiccup. She just posted the whole thing again.
You're right cat_aunty, it looks like I'll have to do that. I asked my husband [who works with computers] and he said something about a fluke in the memory dunnowhat, thisthattheother etc.

sounds like my brother-in-law, half the time I also don't know what he was on about.
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