Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Fretting, the Flailing of the Arms

Yes. I've just had one of my "what the heck did I think I was doing" moments.

You will notice that I've changed the blog template. I was very very bored you see.

You will also notice the links have disappeared. Because I forgot to save them. I only remembered while was happily destroying my careful work of previous months.

You see, that's just me. I'm so intimidatingly clever, whenever I have another one of my bright ideas the universe shudders in fear. Everyone's so scared, you know. I'm that smart.

But then again that's actually a blessing in disguise. I'd been meaning to update and expand my blogroll for some time now, and getting the links back on is easy.

Just not tonight. I need to go to the umm, bathroom. Been having strange tummy rumbles all weekend. Something I ate? Dunno.


Speaking of which, does anyone have advice for vomiting cats? Doe is still puking his little guts on and off, it's been about 3 weeks since he started. The reason why I haven't sent him to the vet yet is I'm still waiting for my next paycheck; finances are tight these couple of months.

Although I would definitely send Doe once he displays other weird symptoms eg diarrhoea, fever, weight loss, dehydration. Which he thankfully hasn't. He's behaving perfectly normally, except for the increased puking. No change in diet or anything, unless the little moron has been chewing and swallowing bits of the window mesh. [???]

Oh God, I wish my next paycheck were here already. I don't like feeling uncertain and slightly helpless about my vomity kitten.

I'd stopped the Benebac [probiotic] for a while since Doe absolutely detests the stuff, but will put him back on again.

If anyone has had their cat indicate similar tendencies [is this linked to a sensitive gut? I dunno?] please share your experience and how you dealt with it. I'll be doing my own research too. Hopefully I can find some helpful stuff to cure the puking, or at least keep him going till I can afford the vet.

In fact maybe I'll call the vet tomorrow, explain my situation over the phone, and try to wrangle a free consultation. My vet is nice, just very expensive. Heh.


PS/ Please don't worry too much though. As I've said earlier, Doe does not appear to have any symptom requiring urgent attention. If he did, heck I would sell the shirt off my back to get him to the vet! Mmmm. Partial nudity... yuk. Perish the thought. Perish the thought.

When my pancreatitis is flaring up, I puke. I still eat and everything, but then it comes up later sometimes. Maybe something in his tummy just hurts all the time...
Spencer vomits if she is stressed. Or if she overeats
I called the vet and my food supplier, and both gave entirely contradictory advice! A case of too many cooks?

But I'll be starting the Benebac again and giving smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day. Good thing too. Some of 'em kitties are looking positively tubby.
Hi CatDonna,

How is Doe doing?

~5-Cat Style

PS. I can see you're experimenting the hell outta the templates. ;)
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