Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tabby Nap

Chocolate on ruined sofa

What's cuter than one tabby catching her forty (thousand) winks...

Boonie and Lucie on messy bed

... and even cuter than two tabbies napping?

L-R: Boonie, Choc, Lucie (I don't know what Lucie's trying to do there)

Why, three tabbies napping, of course.


ps - Blogger won't let me comment on my own blog. Am seriously beginning to consider a switch to Wordpress.
pps - Pip says hi.

So chummy. :)

Wordpress will make "commenters" type in their personal emails before they can comment...not so friendly?
This is Doe boy, where are all the handsome and cute pics of me!!!!

I am THE alpha cat...the KING of the house...put some photos of me or you will die..or at least I will drink from every cup you ever leave out for more than 5 minutes

I will be watching...and make sure there is no more of Teddy. I will scar his(s) little cute face if you do (actually I already did)!

Good day...got to go and rule the peasants.

King Doe...Prince Doe will do as I am still young
Tabby overload! We rule CatDonna's blog!
Really good pics :)

See my post on word verification!! Arhhh
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