Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sick As A Dog (SAAD)

Blast From The Past: Kitten Pip and Baby Doe,
exploring the lush foliage that is the husband's toe/foot/leg hair
Yes, very saad.

Some very strange infection hit me over the weekend. It's just starting to blow over. Have been cooped up in the house muchly and not yet gone to the post office *koff*sorrycataunty*ahem*.

Nobody loves me. Everybody hates me.

They don't even want my presents ;)

Stuck at home working on my projects and, with all stuff that is creative by nature, there are bad days and good. Yesterday was tres awful - two miserable pages after eight hours.
Somebody kill me please.

Just got a call asking if I could help out at a college from March to November. I checked my calendar and realised if I said yes, I'm not going to bloody have ANY rest day in the week (not including public holidays and that's assuming I haven't got marking).

(Yes, I work full days on weekends.)

I would love the money - thankfully we're not in need, I just want my own cash to do my own thing - but a lot of things may end up sacrificed/compromised, including my freedom, sanity and the projects I'm currently working on, which are close to my heart and crucial for my move into my next career.

What do you think?

Okay back to writing. I have a temp job starting next week for a fortnight and I want to get this personal project on the ground asap.

CatDonna & Cats

ps - Pip sleeps with me at night nowadays. She curls up under the covers (I dunno how she breathes). Yesterday Boonie and Lucie created a lethal tag team and took turns to pounce on her. Cats are vicious creatures, and I am quite possibly Pip's only friend in the whole wide world.

Of course I want your present but don't waste money on postage. You can always give us the presents when we meet up next time (if there is a next time). Hope it is not something perishable.
Oh dear...cheer up Catdonna....we love you, and we adore the groundsPip walks on too.

It could be worse, your pc could be devoured by virus or whatever, and you cannot blog for weeks....like me * bawling into hankies*
Take care, dear Donna!

I personally love to lurk around for the catlacious gossip around your home.

PS... you're a writer?
Sounds like you already know - the extra job would gif you more money an no time or energy to enjoy it. Thinkin as a cat, follow yur heart.
Do you reelly want to ship yur germs to Amerikat?

PS Stop by for unbelievable photos.

PPS I fink that counts fur a Toesday post. Pip's pink toe pads are adorable!
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