Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Announcement: CatDonna is Catty

++Update: Wrote this in a bit of a rush. Have just returned to the blog to brush this post up.

Actually this post is only meant for the fakes, spammers and opportunists, not my wonderful, real and regular readers, for whom I shall post lovely lovely pics soon! Love you all! /Update++

Just a quick note to say that while I accept and welcome comments on this blog, I can and will delete comments that fulfil the following criteria:

- Spam
- Irrelevant agenda
- Links to commercial websites

Let me explain.

Irrelevant Agenda
A few months ago I received a "comment" that wasn't really a comment, but went something like this (a rough paraphrase):

"Hi I like your blog so I just wanna say I'm going to enter a hopscotch competition to raise funds for my friend who has some terrible disease and I'm such a nice person and obviously a good friend so please support me and I'm sure you won't mind me imposing so rudely on your blog, which is about CATS and has nothing to do with what I'm writing here BYEEEEEE!"

I ignored it entirely. I noticed some other cat blogs took up the commenter's cause.
I have no doubt that it is possibly genuine and well-meant.
Let me make this clear: I have nothing against the young lady.

What I'm pissed with is not the message, but the method.

If you have something you want to share, there are far better ways to go about it than leaving comments. Don't be stupid. Leave me a mail or something. It's not impossible. I could even post about it for you, and wouldn't that be much better publicity?

I mean, whatever happened to asking for permission?
Whatever happened to basic courtesy?
Ease and Accessibility over the Internet does NOT mean you can leave your manners at the door.

Commercial Interests
I recently received another comment that linked to a blog with, surprise surprise, commercial interests.

I clicked onto his link and immediately got a privacy alert from, oh let's just give this Hallmark-wannabe greeting-merchandise company a name shall we, 123Greetings Dot Com.
His blog was chock-full of e-cards and stuff that like you can click on and send, and earn this guy some revenue in the process.

I don't know whether this blog is for real or not, but what I do know is that his comment wasn't a real comment to me. It was a clear set-up for a commercial link to earn some stranger a bit of money: "Heyilikeyourblog... HERE'S MIIIIINE".
I also have my doubts about the authenticity of the writing on the blog (remember I am a trained General Paper tutor), but I haven't got the concrete evidence so I'll leave it at that.

I have deleted the comment.

I don't take sh*t from anyone who thinks they can make use of this blog - WITHOUT MY PERMISSION - and get away with it.
"Jennifer", "Justin" and anyone else with similar intent reading this, consider this a friendly warning.


CatDonna loves all her cats, and all cats in general, but she identifies best with Pip.
Now you know why.

Pics coming up shortly.
Lotsa love

haha i hear the pip in you!! hurry update! cheer my day up wiht your cats while i study for my dreadful exams... auntie Tom.
But... but... BUT MY MOM's NAMED JENNIFER! But she posts as lambj if she doesn't just use me or Bonnie's log-in. We's suspishus of a new one out there named "Justin". The comments are more purrsonal, but ALWAYS contain a link. His "blog" doesn't feel right, eifur. I'm only gonna watch him frum behind Bonnie. Or Pip.

Here's one to laugh at: Mom posted pictors of us playing tub hockey / football and got spam comments bout bathroom remodelling.
Oh dear dear Victor, I think catdonna didn't mean your mum. But I am glad my name is not justin either. Hahahaha.
auntie tom: sorry, got caught up with some projects and couldn't post this week. Will try to do it over the weekend but no promises (I just found out my whole weekend's pretty much burnt, too). Sigh ;)

victor: Heehee :) No worries little Victor, we likes yer Mom. Spam is so incredibly annoying isn't it? I wonder how much business you can actually generate by irritating the heck out of people?

cat_aunty: Hehehehe. How are things? Retail must be busy with festive sales! :)
opps, hope u are not referin to me.. anyway, i used to have spam comment on my blog until i used the word vertification for comments...
jennifer: Nope, not you... you come here to share your thoughts about cats, never to ask for donations! ;)
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