Friday, November 10, 2006

Duckie Update

++The latest [8:00 pm]: Potential Adopter [PA] has run into obstacles. PA's Mother has become apprehensive about possible new arrival. I've told them to relax, talk about it and come check Duckie out before making a decision as a family. No point if one family member backs out halfway, especially when that person will be the main caretaker while the adopter is out at work [which is the scenario with PA].++

Happy camper (do you know how long it took to get a decent pic?!)

She's not too frazzled anymore, and less insecure - she doesn't cry so much now as she did yesterday. She still hates being in the cage or in any enclosed space, and will whine softly until she's let out. [For a poodle, she's VERY quiet though.]

Duckie loves hanging out with us, even if it's just chewing on her new "My Little Princess" [I kid you not, that's what it's called] Nylabone while we do stuff on computers in the study.

I don't think she's been toilet-trained.

A typical pic of Can't-Sit-Still Duckie

She's started bonding with us. Very people-oriented, poodles. When she sees us, she runs up and does this little jumpy-poodle dance on her little hind feet, smacking our knees with her front paws. Like some happy high-five Oktoberfest beer dance. Except nobody's drunk, and Oktoberfest was last month, baby.

Most of the cats snoop around to avoid Duckie. Polly even checks the laundry basket to make sure Duckie's not hiding in there for an ambush. Lucie, Boonie and Chocolate have stayed put on top of the fridge/various cabinets since yesterday. Teddy's just disappeared, coming out once a while to stare at Duckie with vague, benign bewilderment in his eyes. At a very safe distance, and usually behind an obstacle of some sort.

Pip and Doe make occasional guest appearances to growl, hiss and swipe at Duckie - to show the newcomer where she stands, I guess. Still, I have no doubt that they're shaken too. Doe came into bed this morning to sleep under the covers, something he's never done before. And Pip's regressed into very young kittenhood, suckling and whining, not purring, into my nightie.

Duckie wants to make new friends...

... but Pip keeps her distance

There is a potential adopter coming to see Duckie this evening so fingers crossed.


Good luck, Duckie!

Catdonna, that was fast work.
DogDonna? heh :D
Good luck, Duckie and erm...Dogdonna! As for other kitties, tahan a bit lah, put your paws together and pray for a good hearted adopter for Duckie!
DogDonna! I fink not. Mom's got the book Pip's on top of! Is there any chance Duckie is just lost? We'd put pictors up round where she was found wif our fone number. Found: Sweet-tempered gray poodle.
Teddy's like the Cheshire cat, eh?
calsifer: Thx! I just hope someone will take Duckie. Potential adopters may come quickly, but they still aren't adopters so I'll only breathe easy when Duckie finally leaves the house with a new, permanent owner.

anon: Yes, even in the midst of cleaning up dog pee and desperately seeking adopters, I can afford to be lame. :)

cat_aunty: The other kitties are slowly getting used to the idea of a dog in the house. I'm sure they want Duckie out soon, too!

victor: The possibility of Duckie being lost, not dumped, did cross my mind.

However, her terrible appearance indicated long-term neglect and poor care. Too much to mention here but basically, the vet and I put two and two together and figured that her previous owners finally decided she was too much trouble.

I was going to give out flyers at first, and I'd already contacted the SPCA to report a found animal, but then I decided that Duckie returning to her owners isn't an improvement at all.
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