Friday, October 20, 2006

Ohhh my head.

Do not. Mess. With the Princess.

Was planning to sleep in a little bit today but this was thwarted by The Princess herself.

Pip was lying next to me doing her usual thing, ie staring obsessively at my face with dilated mad-looking eyes [while I tried to ignore her and get some rest].

I closed my eyes and after a while, felt a flutter past my leg. Okay, Pip's gone.
Just as I was about to relax I started hearing cat voices.
A duet. "Oww-oww mmowww wowww."

Sweet, clueless Boonie [R] with his sister and
Pip's other arch-enemy, Lucie [L]

I shuffled out of the bedroom to find Pip and Boonie in a hostile face-off, Boonie providing a rather melodious alto while Pip added a screechy soprano at the exciting bits.
The other cats were sitting around at a safe distance, watching the tension build up and looking a little scared [even Polly the Mad Midget Tortoiseshell, who normally doesn't give a flip].

"Ima gonna stay outta dis, ya know?"

Then Pip decided to practise her scales at a pitch and volume reserved only for emergency sirens and Mariah Carey: "Oww-wowww mrrrkeargghhh aaAAIIIEEEEEEEE SHRRRIIIIEEEEEEEKKKKK!!!!!!!"

Pip's voice has this way of slicing in between your eyes, penetrating your skull and reverberating horribly in your poor tired brain. Ohhh it hurts.

I knew there was a catfight going on - Pip was rippin' balls of fur outta Boonie's fat tummy but Boo was still winning on account of size - but with echoes of Angry Cat Aria bouncing round my head, I couldn't care less.

So I went to the kitchen and called for a truce.
Once they heard the can of Avoderm being opened, EVERYONE rushed over and forgot about the fight. Except for Chocolate, who doesn't care for wet food: I fed her some special treat biscuits in the study.


You're seeing right, Pip's resting her idiotic little head on my boob.

Now as I'm typing this, Pip's come over to purr and cuddle on my lap. After a while she'll probably start kneading and suckling on the collar of my nightgown. As if nothing had happened, and the Pipperina Princess was the sweetest, most harmless thing in the world.


ps - Some of you may be wondering [or sniggering away] at my unfortunate choice of nightgown. When I first rescued a filthy and sick baby Pip, I wore these cheap tatty nighties while tending to her [easily disposable if dirtied beyond redemption].

Pip now associates these nightgowns with maternal lurve and throws tantrums if I don't wear 'em at least once in a while... alright fine... almost every day.

Strange association of auntie nighties with maternal love but watever to keep Piprina Princess purry & quiet :)

Love the face off scenes ... am imaginging it in a 'john woo' style :) - camera spinning slowly around Boonie & Pip, the rest of gang, tense, watching, holding their breath ...

Just being Friday silly :)
Dear dear sweet Pip. Despite of all these crazy antics which drive Catdonna nuts, you are still a very special kitty.
You are such a great bunch.
Been a while since we visited, tis great to see drama's still the order of the day in the Catdonna's cats residence. =)
cat: Heh heh! If only their fights were so stylish. :)

cat_aunty: Always so understanding of Pip's strangeness. You mustn't encourage her, you know. ;)

sir sid & emperor n: Lovely to read your blogs too. I haven't left a comment yet [am shy, heh] but am a silent lurker. :O

calsifer: Hello! Long time no hear. I still haven't updated my blogroll [sorry!] but use the old link to get to your current Tipped Ear Clan. As usual, am a lurker.

I sound awfully furtive and sneaky. Heh.

I must say, Pip certainly has trained her staff well. Fightin wif the unwanted housemate leads to stinky goodness? I must remember that.
Oh Bonnie! I resorted to desperate measures just for once. Don't ENCOURAGE that blasted Pip!!!
Awww... you remember the clan!
Calsifer and btmao. 'Course I do. Blogroll updated, tadah!
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