Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Hello everyone!

I is Teddy Samurai,

bestest of the best wif the swordplay an' the ready wit!

I's write haikuz.
Mummy Ladie sez is best fer my limited language skillz.
I love Mummy Ladie!

Hir's one of mine:

"MY LIFE" by Teddy
Nap. Nap nap, nap nap;
Eat eat, eat eat eat? Eat! eat -
Groom, groom... It's Doe: hide.

Why Teddy is scared of Doe

I's ran this thru spell check, an' Mummy Ladie proof-read it.
I hope you's like it!

I's pass this on to Mummy Ladie now.
I's gonna ride into the sunset. Like a real samurai.

Off to do battle with the Arm of Injustice

Love, Teddy


I wrote one too!

"LONELINESS" by CatDonna
Fat fuzzy woman,
Disappointed with date, walks
Into the dark night.

I have an idea.
If anyone's interested, write a haiku just for fun and post it on your blog!

If you do, please leave a comment here so we can run over and have a look. :)

Chocolate is whining; I'd better see to her.
She hurt her paw yesterday, whilst running around the patio garden derisively mocking my attempts at planting stuff.
Nothing major, just a slight cut.
But she's been in a nasty swiping mood since. She even attacked top cat Doe.



I was whining because I wanted to blog, you stupid biatch.

Recuperating in luxurious privacy, Choc bravely manages a smile and wink for her adoring fans

Ahem! Here's my contribution to our little literary circle.
Prepare to be blown away by my greatness, after all, true art is derived from pain.

Lame but lovely still...
Dust. Beneath. My. Heels.*
*By "heels", I refer to my black snakeskin Prada stilettoes. FYI, darrrlings.

Remember, plagiarism is a crime. Steal any of our lovely haikus, especially mine, and I'll rip your thieving eyes out!


yay! my fav blogger returns!!! let me try a haiku!
"exams are around the corner!
hard to keep awake
coffee and tea rues the day
eyes nods off to bed"

haha mine's rather crappy!
- auntie tom, and cat asher sends his love
Here's one fur Bonnie:
Pick ME up, will you?
Grr, Put me down this instant!
Try it and I'll BITE.

And me:
Why pick up Bonnie?
She's mean. I like to snuggle!
Pick me up, purr, purr.
What's a haikus?

Oh! Found it!
A Japanese lyric verse form having three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables, traditionally invoking an aspect of nature or the seasons.
What fun~

here's what Teddy and Philly contributed: homeslacker haiku
Whah, gardening, haikus....having fun eh, Catdonna. Would really love to read what Pip comes up with.....hoho. BTW, Teddy is cute.
auntie tom: Having exams now eh? All best! :) Asher is a very familiar name... haven't I seen him on vegancat's blog?

victor: Lovely haikus! You're a born poet, Victor, aren't you? (Don't let Bonnie know though, she might get offended.)

kxbc: I have a feeling you can come up with a cracker of a haiku if you have the time!

calsifer: Thanks for your contribution! I've commented on your blog. :)

cat_aunty: Did you get my mail? Yep, I'm taking things easy for now. :)

I love how Teddy calmly accepts whatever you give him, including the most outlandish costumes we can think up. Once he wore a bra pad as a hat... oktoomuchinformation. ;)
Huh, my yahoo account has probably been deactivated. Please sned to me again! schizox3@singnet.com.sg. Thank you!!
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