Monday, November 20, 2006

I Like!!!

++Update: As much as I could, I've replied to comments in previous posts. Sorry for the lag, and thank you for your comments. I do enjoy reading them, even when I can't always have the time to respond! /Update++

Yeah, kittens

An old video that I thought I'd put up, just because it's so gosh darn cute -
a remake of "The Joker" by FatBoy Slim.

I had a nice weekend running around doing my stuff and not having to think about dogs and toilet training.

Even the cats are happier.

The Adopter called back a couple of times to update me on Duckie, and she's doing well, bonding with the Adopter and being liked by everyone in the family. So all is well.

This week I need to catch up with the projects that I'd set aside earlier to deal with the Duckie invasion. So it's back to the grind.


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Cute video. Wonder how much time she took to make it?

Glad to hear everyone is happy and well, Duckie too.
Makes us want to go to a concert!
cat_aunty: Thanks for your concern. We're back to normal, with the cats ruling the house!

kimo and sabi: That video is a bad influence on kitties imho. It convinces me that I must never, ever feed catnip to my cats. Drugs are bad, mmmkay?
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