Thursday, November 09, 2006

Duckie and the Curse of the Persian Carpet

Re-named the poodle Duckie. Daisy doesn't fit her.

The cats are seriously spooked. Everyone's tense and hiding. Doe smacked Duckie's face around a couple times. Duckie's gotta go. Foster. Must find. Where under which rock pls advise okthx.


Then after 5 hours of holding it in, Duckie jumped out her cage, ignored my meticulously arranged litter box, and peed all over the Persian carpet.

Why. Why. WHY.

Is she sterilised? When i brought Terry home, it was chaotic too. (Summarised) - It took me months to have the cats and him be the best of friends, but now they are the best of friends. You have 1 cat always brushing against him whenever he returns for walk, and he licking them etc. BTW, Terry till today is not toilet trained, i have to bring him down twice a day and he is now used to the routine. Initially, he would pee and poo from the kitchen to the tv room, and after cleaning, he would repeat the same process but after awhile, he realised he would always have a place to release himself and he waits. 1st it was 6am, then slowly 7.15am. i think you will wonder if you did the right thing, i can guarantee you did the right thing and the day your cats get along with her, you will definitely feel very happy with your decision. Don't be discouraged, things will work out itself but you just have to be patient. And yes, they don't like to be confined in cage / play pen; i think it makes them feel insecure, and it may lead to barking.
Trying to be helpful, hope you don't mind. Even if you cannot find a foster, may be you could board her during the week days and bring her back in the weekends for your cats to accept her slowly. This is what i did with Terry for about 3 months.
Aiyah now?
er.. i dont think dogs use litterbox??

she may be trained to weewee downstairs, some dogs are papertrained.

i think you need trial and error to find out..

tough... cos dogs are not as versatile as cats...

good luck!
mary: Thank you so much for your advice and suggestions. I'm very grateful that you took the time.

My main issues with Duckie are that she's not toilet-trained, and there simply isn't enough space left in my humble flat. Plus, seven cats is a stretch on our finances now that I'm technically unemployed. That's why as cute as Duckie is, I can't keep her. So I'm on the lookout for fosters and adopters. Thanks anyway. :)

cat_aunty: Eh, I just gotta keep searching. And blogging. Heh.

ksn: They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Still, I mean to try. Small dogs can use a litterbox lined with newspaper; I had a pomeranian when I was a child and she was pretty good at doing her business in the right place. Almost like a cat.
Hi catdonna, i understand what you are going thru, believe me, i really do. Infact, Terry was boarded on and off for 5 months and not 3, typo error. i'd wanted to give up on Terry many, many times too but i think he decided to change and adapt when he realised he will never be neglected again. Of course i did have friends who were very supportive, and vegancat very kindly supported financially for Terry's surgery and medical expenses. My heart was hoping he will be adopted because the cats were stressed, hissing, Terry was barking, weeping, not toilet trained, destroying the house, no discpline etc, however, after 1 adoption in which he was returned by the adopter because in adopter own words via email 'Having Terry was a good way to get rid of my mother in-law'; he was returned because he fulfilled her wish; i felt i could not hurt him anymore and thru a kind lady Marion who advised me to always inform potiential adopters the worst of him; nobody wanted to adopt him when they learnt about his ill health. Initially, i too thought Terry will cost me a bomb but surprisingly, he is a simple eater and as long as he has his bone for play, he is very contented. I truly hope Duckie will find a good home, if not, may she find a home in you. Believe me, it's possible.
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