Saturday, November 11, 2006

100th Post

++Update: First Potential Adopter [PA] has to back out as Mother has put her foot down. Second PA coming over to view Duckie tomorrow - wish us luck.

In case you get the impression that I'm thinking of keeping Duckie, the answer is no. She's sweet, but we don't click. I've never been very good with most small dogs; something about their personalities doesn't quite gel with me. /Update++

A perpetual flurry of doggy activity


Looks and smells much better now. The medicine and special shampoo are working well. Although there still is enough dirt engrained into her skin to convince me that her previous owners didn't care about her health and hygiene.

Is quiet. I've only heard her actually bark once. There goes the yappy assertive poodle stereotype out the window.

Is extremely affectionate. She loves to be near us as much as possible [excepting very brief explorations of the house]. She loves being touched, and hearing our voices. When she wants cuddles, Duckie nudges my shin and gently nuzzles my ankles before curling up on my feet.


Eats takeaway, and likes company for meals. She brings her biscuits over from the bowl in her cage, three at a time in her mouth, into the study where we usually are - then she puts them down on the floor near us and eats them up.

Still isn't toilet-trained. I'm working on it. In between mopping up her "accidents", I lined a large litter box with newspaper for Duckie. She thought I made her a bed and lay in it.

Is friendly and respectful with cats. Unfortunately, the cats in question do not return the favour.

Quite photogenic when she's not doing those frantic skipping dances

Is a stubborn bitch. She will do anything - run away, dance around, wriggle, whine, sulk - to delay the inevitable medication administered twice a day.

Is a good actress. When fed her pills, she pretends to swallow hard and then looks martyr-like. Upon her release, the cheeky sparkle returns to her eyes and she spits them out before dancing away.

Is fast asleep in her cage. It's been a productive evening for her - cuddling with the humans, eating takeaway, making friends with the furry hissing things, playacting with medication, dancing gleefully around the woman [who's mopping up her latest "accident"] with a big goofy infectious grin that says OMG this is too cool, making the woman clean up after me is like the FUNNEST thing ever, yeah yeah yeah I am sooo psyched, LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.

Side profile: still pretty, despite the ravages of neglect and abandonment

Is the subject of the 100th post on a cat blog. Unbelievable, and only on CatDonna's Cats.

CatDonna & Cats

Oh, for a while there I thought you wanted to keep Duckie. However, we have to consider the resident cats' peace of mind and your sanity, so lets hope for an adopter soon. You have done your best with Duckie, she appreciates your kindness.
Poor CatDonna, infiltrated by a dog. We're not big dog fans, either. They're just too... devoted. Re the signs of neglect and abuse - don't look for her previous owners. They don't deserve pets.
cat_aunty: It's a very chinese belief, isn't it? That there are different kinds of fates for different relationships and some things just are(n't) meant to be. Hope the right adopter comes soon!

victor: Toy dogs are especially clingy, I've noticed. Larger dogs don't seem to crave constant attention as much. I hope Duckie's previous owners don't get it into their heads that they want another dog now. That would be awful.
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