Thursday, November 23, 2006

Mysteries Revealed! (And Pics Ahead!)

For years I'd wondered about the cats in my neighbourhood. Wondered who fed them. Why weren't they sterilised yet. Whom did they trust (they would pointedly snub my attempts at feeding them - not surprising as they looked very well fed).

Then I found out, quite by accident in fact. This area has two feeders.
Now, to approach them for TNRM.


It's furrybelly time!

Boonie Belly

And all's right with the world

Typical Boonie pose

Boonie is growing by the day. He's quite umm, round now.
Much as we think he's adorable, we're trying to get him to exercise more.

Choc: "I'm quite concerned for Boonie. He's so fat..."

"... I mean, my tummy rolls don't spill over my feet when I sit to the side!"

On the other hand, isn't it strange how Pip eats like a horse but never seems to get fat. I wish I was like that.

In her dreams, Pip is flyyyyyying

One more of Pip cuddling her lil' stuffed lion

Contortionist Act #867

As I told the husband the other day, "I want Pip's physique but I seem to be stuck with Teddy's".
The ever-comforting husband shot back, "At least you're not a Boonie!"
Need to lose weight! Christmas coming. Turkey stuffing barbecue sweetcorn pasta roastbeef rackoflamb honeybakedham potatogratin pumpkinpie lemonmeringue doublechocchipfudgecookie iwant.iwant.iwant.

Anyone else feeling festive yet?


Actually Choc is not that slim, look at her bulging tummy. I would say she is about the same size as Boonie. And Pip is definitely svelte. Surprising, considering she had two babies!!! Must be in the genes.
Hello hope you are well. Love your cats!!

You have just been tagged, please see
cat_aunty: Ohoho! Choc's not going to be happy when she sees this comment... ;)

pcSW: Eh, tagged! Okay, let me plan my points and get back to you.
All right! Go you with TNRMing the local cats!

Am trying to turn as many to the tnrm side as i can too :D
calsifer: Eh! I can only hope to do as much as you've done. Fingers crossed and hope for the best.
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