Sunday, November 12, 2006

Love you too, Pip

Me and my homie*

*[Yes, I'm afraid it's time for "Ugly Yet Comforting Nighties of Pip's Kittenhood" again. A brief explanation here.]

It is only fair that I post this so as to balance out public perception of the Pipperina Princess, the House of Catdonna's resident enfant terrible.

I'm not denying she's frequently an awful scourge and no good to both man and beast, but Pip is also the first hand-raised rescue cat that I've decided to keep because we shared an uncommonly strong bond from the start.

Mmm, nightie

Pip is incredibly, obsessively attached to me for some reason. She's always been very sensitive to my emotional vibes, and she responds to them in a way that I can only call protective.


Duckie was driving me up the bloody wall. Still not toilet-trained and I'd just realised that her pee really stains the parquet floor.

At last I gave up - running after a small, skittish dog all afternoon with a mop-and-bucket and a large litter tray destroys your soul - and locked her in her cage.

Engrossed in suckling, Pip ignores a curious Choc

I desperately needed a short break. I've had a lot of things on my mind recently and several work-related projects I want to start soon, and the stress of all that plus a noisy poodle with a gross skin infection and no toilet sense was pushing me to breaking point.

I turned from a shrill, squealing Duckie and stumbled towards my bedroom, to take a deep breath and think twice before doing something drastic.
Along the way I passed by Pip, sitting quietly on the floor, watching.
She looked at me. I looked at her.
At that moment, I had a feeling she knew.
And she was going to do something about it.

Damn right I'm gonna do something about it

She ran past me towards the cage. I decided not to turn around.
The next thing I heard was Pip's characteristic snarl.
The clang of cat claws striking cage bars.
And Duckie was frightened into silence for a while.

I like to think that Pip gave me the break I needed.
Maybe I read too much into that little incident, but still.


No-one is allowed to annoy the woman except me, punk

Pip, you're a freak and quite the pain at times, but one thing I know for certain is the fierceness of your feelings for me.
I would almost call it loyalty, but you wouldn't want to be associated with dog-like qualities.
Love you too, little monster.


that is so CUTe. long live pip the princess. ooh just read ur post on dizzy duckie daisy! so cute - but what abt dogn that dun gell wiht you? maybe u need an independnet spirit - heh, not sure if my cat gels with me, he sure is tooo independent! - auntie tom
Lion hearted Pip! Maybe another of Tuxedos' trait?
Aww. Brave Pip showing that doggie who's in charge. At my house, Bonnie does what Dad says and the rest of us do what Bonnie says. Except me.
auntie tom: I think some dogs, not all, are kinda attention-seeking and clingy. *shudder* I like animals that are loving but also appreciate their space.

I actually have two dogs living with my parents (I moved out and my flat is too small for 'em). They're bull terriers, and they're lovely. I click with them! :)

cat_aunty: Yup, they don't go down without a fight!

victor: Sweet little victor! No wonder Bonnie gets mad with you sometimes. You disrupt her delusions of power.
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