Thursday, November 16, 2006

Bye Bye Duckie!!!!!

Duckie's gone. Adopted by a lovely housewife with two children and one shih tzu.

The House of CatDonna slowly returns to normal [until the next rescue].

The house is very quiet without Duckie.

More updates later. Hosting a dinner party tonight at 8 pm sharp; it's almost 5 and I haven't even started prepping.

Wow that is great news! Told ya it will work out! Hope you manage to have a nice, RELAXING evening
Phew. Now it's safe fur the cats to return... wait, did you say dinner party? That means strangers! and food. but strangers! and food.
cat_aunty: Yes we had fun! Not the most relaxing when you're the chef, but definitely a good change, thanks.

victor: I grin at you! :D

My cats aren't too shy although they keep their distance at first. How I keep 'em off the table: I give 'em a huge dinner until their little bellies can't hold any more.

By the time the guests arrive my cats waddle around and digest, and they're too stuffed to care much for strangers or human food.
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