Thursday, November 02, 2006

CatDonna's New Hobby

Teddy's work and toil - a paw print in the soil

Is Hard Work, But Very Fun.

It's not always easy to get things done, though. Especially when there are seven quality-control inspectors in the house supervising your every move.

The cats were getting in the way, everywhere. Playing with the compost. Sitting in the pots. Eating the seedlings [!!!].

And they kept telling me what to do. Don't you hate it when so-called experts barge into your business and tell you what to do?!

"No, no, you're all wrong, I'll tell you what to do"

So in the end I chased 'em off, and the Seven Experts went to take power naps and/or dabble in IT consultancy.

The miracle is how we get any work done here

Ranting aside, gardening is great fun, even with the cats around.

Lucie was sitting by the seedling tray, watching me thin out the seedlings [pulling out the weaker ones for the strong ones to get more nourishment]: hand in, grasp seedling with finger and thumb, pull out gently. Done.

So she decided to try. She put in a paw, tried to grab hold of a seedling without the benefit of an opposable thumb, and oh-so-carefully SQUASHED it. Done!

I don't remember buying pussywillow

But don't go "Awww" on Lucie yet. Soon after, the punk picked a fight with Pip and, in the process, smashed a glass jug.

So she was grounded in the guest bathroom.

While Pip sneered with joy at her unexpected vindication.

"Sneer?! I'm too nice for that. See me cuddling my stuffed lion instead."

["Heh heh heh heh heh!!!!!"]

The rain's stopped, the sun's out. Off I go to check on my plants.
I'll let you figure out what I'm growing, to save myself the embarrassment of having nothing to show for it. Heh!
Hint: I'm not into flowers.

Love lots, and for those in the tropics, take care of your health. Hot and showery weather like this can be a strain on the body.


Pip looks very evil in the last photo.

Are you growing catnip? is things as usual at the Catdonna's household! Glad you are enjoying it, and Pip is not the culprit this time. Kekeke.
Sounds like things are getting better. Is Pip pooping appropriately? Such a Diva!
CATastrophe as usual eh? The world is right at last. Yay!
aiyah, you growing catnip lor...

good luck! cos mine died on me at infancy.. so i will want a full manual if you succeed! hehe...
kxbc and ksn: Umm, not catnip this time. But it's in the cards. :)

cat_aunty, victor and calsifer: Yeah, when it's not one kitty it's another. Cats are never at a loss when it comes to starting trouble, as I'm sure you all know!
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