Saturday, December 23, 2006

Where I wanna be for Christmas...

++Update: Check out my doll on the right! It's a rough anime ie japanese comic approximation of how CatDonna looks (new haircut, always in jeans, evil-looking tuxedo feline companion I wonder who???).

Roll cursor over the pic if you're interested - it links to the site.

/Update++ Namja Town!

Ho ho ho yeah!

Will be busy this weekend prepping for the annual family barbecue. I'm in charge of the side dishes (ie the carbs, yum) and I might want to make some dessert too.

Better get cracking.

So in case I don't get back here until after Christmas, here's a MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all!!!


AND AND AND!!!!!!!!

The first anniversary of CatDonna's Cats is coming up on 29 December.
I'm holding a little contest! With prizes! Yep you read this right!
Just make a guess:

Asleep with giant teddy bear

This is Lucie Luckystar, the adorable and highly photogenic sister of Boonie "Peed His Pants" Blackbear, and a sworn enemy of the Pipperina Princess.

I've never told readers her real name, though, and I only yell it at her once in a while when she's being naughty.

What's Lucie's real name?
(Hint: It sounds like Lucie.)*

Leave a comment with your guess/es (as many as you want, there's no limit) and the results will be announced on 29 December.
Don't worry, even if no one gets the answer, there definitely will be winners and special mentions.
Life's not just about being correct... be creative!
Have fun!


* I do realise this is probably the great-grandmother of all useless hints. Sorry.

Lucile, Looky, Looky-loo, Bonnie,

Wul, you nefur know!
A whole theme park of cats?!?! Too bad it's in Japan (and all Japanese) or Mom'd go there. Send a souvenir when you go, kay?
Lucy, Light, Light Lucy, Layla, Lili, Lucia Baby, Lulu, Lucas, Betty Lucille (sp?), Lucile, Luce, Lucinda, Luciano, and /or any combination of these names? ;P
Lilo? Or it doesn't start with the letter L at all? Wahahaha!

auntie p come my sign-in name at 12.10am earlier has now become anonymous? The same for Victor_Bonnie before me...or was I seeing things?!??

It can't be...something is very wrong with google.

auntie p
namja town - been there, done that.

seriously, nothing to shout about. gyoza museum inside is over-rated, and over-priced.

but they do have nice cat ornaments and statues... which i took a lot of photos of during trip in april.
Pookie? Spooky?
Lucid Lucy?



Looky Boopy?
Goosie Lucie, Flooey err... ok Floozy ..hahaha
Oh ho ho ho!

Just a note to say I'm reading and chuckling at the cute and witty suggestions here. :)

The index finger (LH) is bandaged and that makes typing a bit difficult, but rest assured MY EYE IS UPON YE HAR HAR HARRRRRRR.

Merry Christmas!
A furry Merry Christmas to you...from Missy Blue Eyes, KC (that's me) and little Bear.
I coulda sworn I was logged in. Wul, I was that furst anonymouse post.
Lucky? Lucky Girl? Woozy?
She looks ::yawn:: furry happy ::yawn:: in that nap pose. zzzz
~ Victor Tabbycat
Meanie Lucie?

How come no answer unveiled?
Oh, sweet Pip, how bout a hint?
Hey Catdonna & SO, Pip, Teddy, Polly, Lucie, Boonie, Chocolate, Doe, et cetera, have a great new year!
kc: Merry merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and yours!

victor: No worries, we know about the anonymice. A merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and yours - btw Pip says Season's Grrreetings, but no hints! ;)

kxbc: Answer's up!

auntie p: You deserve a special prize for remembering all the cats' names - wow! A happy new year to you and yours! :)
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