Friday, September 29, 2006

Boonie's Great Plastic Bag Adventure

Hello everyone!

My name is Boonie Blackbear and I live in the House of CatDonna. Today I want to tell you about my great big plastic bag adventure.

Mummy Lady says I look like a black bear

There was a plastic bag on the floor and I was so happy! So I played with it. I lay on it and felt how smooth it was, like my lovely soft fur. I also ran with it and heard it go WHOOSH on the floor.

But then the handle got trapped round my round fat middle and i was very frightened and waaaaaa i panicked and ran into all sorts of things like walls and chairs and doors and everyone was very frightened and they tried to hide and my sister lucie luckystar said HISSSSSSS at me and i said WAAAAAAAA but no one knew how to help and i ran and ran and then i ran

and suddenly it was warm and wet runnin down my legs

and then Mummy Lady came out sayin "What's the ruckus?" and saw me tremblin in a corner 'cause I didn't know what to do. And then she said "Oh God Boonie, you're really an idiot aren't you" and then she came over and took the plastic bag off me. And then she realised that the bag was wet and my legs were wet and she said "What the..." and then she started to laugh.

And then everyone was happy, and that was the end of my adventure.


Boonie Blackbear
ps - Mummy Lady says there's no way anyone will wanna adopt me now.

Oh Bonnie.....*hugs*
my DD also love to play with plastic bag, she will go inside the bag and sit inside..when i carried the bag with her inside, she never protest nor attempt to escape from the bag..ha, my dd more silly than Boonie
Poor Boonie. I was once attacked by a horrid plastic bag, too. No one was home and it was holding me, so I ran and ran back and forth, up and down the hall. And wherever I ran, it made that horrid crinkle noise after me. My man FINALLY came home and rescued me. I still wanna eat bags, but I don't like their sound.

I, however, didn't, um, get wet.
Boonie, that would scare the sh*t out of me, too. I got trapped in a drawer and cried, "Mrooo, mrooo, mrooo" until Mom an the boy rescued me.
Boonie boy, you are so handsome! Waita-minute, you wet yourself?! HAHAHAHA.
- Kootoo Monster
Hey, Boonie, you remind me of Jackie who once got tangled up with a fishing toy around her kinked tail (which has also got caught onto other things, such as a chair, but that's another story).

She panicked and ran around the house just like you did and finally hid under the bed, but thankfully, she didn't erm...wet herself.
I got stuck with a paper bag while I played with it too. But I never like you say, wet myself.

From Bon Bon
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