Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Truce? I wish.

I'm having SO MUCH MORE FUN than you, nyah nyah nyaaah!!!

Pip and Lucie have invented a new kitty sport.

It's a simple game of one-upcatship called "I'm Having More Fun Than You". Basically, you act like you're having a grand ol' time, doing whatever it is you're doing, all the better to annoy your rival with.

It started with a normal face-off: Lucie growling, Pip glaring.

Then Pip went over to the corner you see in the pic, with all the dirty laundry, and started Smellin' The Roses and scrunching up her face with great satisfaction, the way cats do when they encounter something pungent. Ohhh lovely.

Not to be outdone, Lucie lolled around the yellow bathroom rug, splayed on her back with her fuzzy tummy to the world in ostensible Relax Mode, ready to fall asleep from her IMMENSE satisfaction. Mmmm wonderful.

Blissfully oblivious as always, Teddy comes over to check out the camera

It was stupid crazy. Pip and Lucie are VERY POOR actresses. You can see how tense they really were.
What also gave them away was how they kept glancing at each other surreptitiously.

Heehee. And even if they did act really well, they sure didn't convince me:

After about 10 minutes of pointless posturing and faked satisfaction, Lucie won by a narrow margin and sauntered off, while Pip was left in the corner to scowl.

Them be good entertainers, cats.


Teddy and me have the right idea. Us boys have a much more relaxed attitude to life, not like all these hormonal females.

Thank you for the purrthday wishes!
Fat cats take life easy.

From fat Kim Kim and chubby Yuan Yuan
Sounds like me and my brothers when we were kids:)
=^.^= Happy Halloween!
We buns do that also
haha you rock!! catdonna! -mreow! auntie tom's cat.
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