Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Good News

Pomeranian Adopted

My colleague and I picked up an abandoned Pomeranian bitch near our office some time ago [you can read a bit about it and see her lovely pic HERE].

After a couple weeks of intensive treatment for her skin and ear infection, the Pom is recovering and has been adopted by my colleague's younger sister. Yay.


Supplier's Kitten on Road to Recovery

Early last week I mentioned S's latest rescue kitten that was suffering from panleukopenia aka FIE aka Feline Distemper [read about what happened HERE].

I went back last Friday to get collect an order and saw the kitten. S did a fantastic job of turning his health around. When I first saw the kitten, he could barely move. Now he looked much better, and could walk around and eat and drink.

Photos taken with my colleague's camera phone, so the resolution is somewhat grainy. A big thank you to MARK R for the pics, okay I've named you here, now you must read my blog. Heh.

Let me out, I'm telling you, I'm better already

The secret for his miraculous improvement - besides aggressive support therapy, a sterile environment, and a lot of loving - is apparently this very special [and very expensive] feline health supplement blend. Good God, I've already forgotten its name, but I'm sure she'll be promoting it from now on.

His name is Sunshine, and S is keeping him. Shared adversity is a powerful bond. They are so in love with each other.

Giving us a handsome Sunshine Smile

I'll have to call S again tomorrow to place a special dog food order [my dogs live with my parents 'cause I haven't any space for bull terriers in my apartment]. I'll probably ask how Sunshine's doing. And I think Sunshine's going to be even better. Woot!

Oh happy me.


Awww...ginger and white kittens like me are the cutest colour of all!! So glad he is better.
Fantastic news!
Great to hear he's on the road to recovery. He looks great and what a fantastic looking furry tail.

Can I borrow him for an hour or two? I bet his tail can sweep my floor clean clean. Hehehe...

Oh, must share the name of this wonderful supplement. Is it Solid Gold Feline Supplement (or something like that)? I think it cost over $30 for a small can.
Handsome boy! So happy and touched by the love and care given him. All the best, Sunshine!
What a cute fellow! I'm sure glad S is keeping him. Another forever home - found.
what a bushy tail! Beautiful sunshine
Such a sweet fellow. :)
that picture of sunshine is worth a million!
Am happy for Sunshine!
Is that the picture of a really tall cage or just a gate? I would love to get a gate like that for my bedroom there one?
Dear everyone

thanks so much for your kind thoughts!

I just called S and she is confident that Sunshine has completely recovered. Right now he squeaks instead of meows, 'cause of the healing mouth and throat ulcers; otherwise he's gambolling about just like any other kitten.

kxbc: it's called ENZYME PRO PLUS and it's $69.90 for a small tub.

auntie p: it's a normal playpen gate but since that pic was taken, Sunshine has learnt to jump over it. :P Umm, I guess it's not so useful anymore.
Oh and I forgot to add.

I'm VERY happy. :D :D :D

You guys have been great. Love to all!
CatDonna & Cats
$70??? *faintz*

Can humans eat it too? Do you think it will help improve our health? Esp looking after all the little monsters we have.
My bf calls me Sunshine hahhah... I hope this kitty grows up as goodlooking as me and my guy!!! *not shy*
Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! :D YIPPEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

~5-Cat Style
kxbc: Not cheap ya. And you're right... we need to "chi1 bu3 yang3 yan4" considering how hard our life is. ;)

kayley: *Er umm uhh*... well your pic is pretty nice... o_0

5CS: Yeah! I grin happily too. :D
Hey. I happened to meet Sunshine on Sat when I sent Velvet to the vet. Sunshine is so adorable!!! I like his fluffy tail. His fur is all so nice and soft.
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