Tuesday, March 21, 2006

You Know It's Crap-A-Daisies When.

When you walk into your pet food supplier's shop and the first thing the Supplier's Assistant [SA] says is "Watch out for the little cat at the back. It's in a bad way."

When you walk over to the little room at the back and you see your Supplier [S] sitting on the floor, looking like she's been crying.

You've been keeping your eyes peeled; but no cat. So you ask, and S informs you that she'd rescued two kittens, three weeks ago - the first one died this morning after vomiting copious amounts of blood. And the second one was displaying similar symptoms.

Then the cat appears: ginger and white, about 6 months, medium-length coat, a perfect tail. S gives details and you realise that you've never heard the symptoms before:

S took the kittens to TWO vets and both of them, I'm sorry to say, had no clue what it was. They simply gave drips and recommended supportive therapy.

I offered to take kitten #2 to a third vet and S said she and the kitten couldn't take further trauma, No I cannot let him go, I won't let him suffer while I'm not around, I hope you understand.

I can understand.

When I left I called two vets I knew and trusted. Heck, I was going to keep looking for answers or at least something to keep S afloat. Because sometimes even when we sense the worst, it hurts a bit less when we know exactly what is going on.

My second call struck gold. Dr L had treated a kitten with similar symptoms last week, and sadly the kitty didn't make it. It's called PANLEUKOPENIA, or Feline Distemper.

I did a bit of research, called S back and explained some bits I thought she needed to know - especially the parts that mentioned how contagious the virus was and how unvaccinated cats were at risk.

I could hear the strength pouring back into her soul when she said "Oh shit. I gotta disinfect the place." She hung up almost immediately to bleach the entire shop and check on her other rescue cats, some of which had their shots long overdue.

All best, S and kitten #2.

Lessons I've learnt today:

The quality of our life and health is a deeply personal responsibility.

Because at the end of the day, we stand to lose those we love - not just animals but family members and friends - if we don't stand up for them.


good on you catdonna!
All these diseases are frightening & we are usually unaware of them until we are affected by it. By then, it can be too late.

But you are right, we should always get a second, third & fourth opinions & then make educated decisions.

Thank goodness for the persistence. It gave hope to S.
Great you insisted on looking for the source of the illness. I never never the annual vaccinations cover distemper. Will definitely do more reading up on it.

k.s.n.: thx! S has been a great kaki and very helpful when I needed tips on cat nutrition, so I wanted to help in any way I could.

cat: I think in situations like these, knowledge really is power. And as you say, sometimes it can give us hope... or at least the strength to act.

kxbc: I never knew too! You're right, I need to read up as well. Good to know what gets injected into my monsters. :)
Good for you CatDonna! Poor kitties though:(
S just delivered supplies to us last night. She's definitely in better spirits - kitten #2 is mending. Let's keep our fingers crossed for her.

BTW, S mentioned Feline Infectious Enteritis (FIE) as kitten #2's likely malaise.

GK: Thx for your concern. I'll be posting updates soon.

PNS: Ah, we have the same supplier. :)

Thx for the reference! Now I've learnt that panleukopenia is ALSO called feline distemper is ALSO called FIE. :P

God. Why can't they just stick with one name.

I guess it makes life more 'interesting' for us cat minions. Never underlook the catacomby effect on our brains - this name don't impress anymore, let's make a scarier/cryptic-er one.

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