Thursday, March 02, 2006

And in other news...

I've been quiet for a bit, partly because I wanted Lucie and Boonie stuff to be the FIRST THING THE READERS SEE when they stumble and scrape their knees upon this here fine blog. Partly also because some very interesting developments have arisen with me and mine, as I shall presently relate.

First off LUCIE AND BOONIE ARE UP FOR ADOPTION, I hope everyone knows this by now. Yes. I think.

And in other news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Picked up a lost/abandoned Pomeranian outside the office building yesterday just as my colleague and I were going out for a drink and a quick bite.

We're guessing she's been dumped; she's got a skin and ear infection which, despite its high chance of total recovery with rather straightforward treatment, her previous owner probably thought not worth the bother.

Currently she's being fostered by my dear colleague, who's kind-hearted and good with dogs and apparently some weird kind of animal magnet [who else can boast a terrapin hopping out the office pond and following you twice, huh?].

But yesterday my colleague had to stay back late, so guess who got to puppy-sit!!!

A bit too nervous to pose for a pic

I gave the little Pom a bath and fed her while we waited for her foster. She's a sweetie.

I have to say... this Pomeranian is a GREAT dog to adopt. She's very affectionate and well-behaved. She didn't give any problems while the vet checked her and fed her deworming pills. Later, I ate my dinner with her lying/dozing on my lap [she's quite the lap hog, I mean dog.] I mean, there were herb-baked lamb chops within inches of her little face, and obviously she was interested, but too well-mannered to grab my nosh [unlike some cats I know... beasts].

My colleague, her foster, will take care of this little girl for a couple weeks till she shakes off the infection... then she'll be up for adoption officially. But just in case you are seriously interested, let me know. After all, you read it here first.


One of my rabbits died today: Sash, a plump grey-and-white Dutch. The husband's favourite.

Sash reading with the fighting fish
[adopted out after Doe's nth attempt at sashimi-harvesting]

It was a matter of time, really. Ever since a year ago, after he got off at the losing end of a big fight with another one of my rabbits, Sash never quite recovered. It was as if his immune system just gave up the ghost; one infection after another, and even the vet couldn't explain what was going on.

By the end he was continually soiling himself, which is very unusual [and a sign the end is near] for most mammals.

Sash was an adopted bunny; his previous owner was an expatriate whose contract was up. A bit of Sash trivia: we thought Sash was a girl and sent her for sterilisation. The vet sent him back and explained that his testicles were abnormally small. Har de har har.

We were sad to find him dead and cold in his cage. But I was relieved too - his suffering is over. RIP Sash my boy.


Stupid and greedy cats deserve to choke for their cupidity.

Double chin's showing, fatso

Boonie snuck out a chicken bone from my dinner earlier. Mmm, bone. He devoured one end of it so quickly he practically INHALED the bone into his little kitten throat, and promptly began to panic.


So here I am, playing Puzzle Bobble on the Internet when a wild-eyed Boonie runs into the study and performs a rapid song-and-dance routine that involves strange drunken staggering and lots of *haaaaaccckkk* *COUGHcoughGASP* *cHoKeWhheeeEeeeZzze*. While I gape at the weirdness of it all, Boonie kind of flings himself forward into a ball and executes a flawless kitty Self-Heimlich manouevre, clever boy. I see bone sticking out of his wide open, gasping mouth and pull out the offending bit. The End.

So Mommy saves the day. And Boonie is a gluttonous idiot.

He [and his sister] are still up for adoption, though. Any takers?

PS - Was just thinking of the little Pom and realised that DogDonna sounds absolutely HORRIBLE. DogDonna's Dogs! Hahahaaaaaa!!!!!!


Was wondering which corner of the blogosphere you had disppeared to... :) Good to have you back.

So sorry to hear about Sash's passing and about the poor Pom's abandonment. Tsk-tsk... irresponsible owners again.

Yes, chicken bones are terrible for animals. I've heard too many horror stories about them getting painfully stuck in the throat.

Looks like next time you have chicken for dinner, you'll have to eat it alone in the bathroom. ;)

~5-Cat Style
It's always very sad whenever a beloved pet passes on. But it's good he's not suffering anymore.

The pom looks cute. Have always like them but given that there are 5 fully grown cats in the house, guess there is no more room for a doggie.
Sorry about Sash and the pom, and lucky that Bonnie survived the chicken bone incident! Clever boy! And amazing that he came to you for help!
DogDonna's dogs...ok a nice ring to it...
I'm sorry to about Sash's passing. How is your hubby now?

& the poor pom's plight. Thank goodness for the kind-hearted ones like your colleagues & yourself.

Do keep us updated on his adoption status.

Take care,
5CS: Yes hello me back. :) As it is, I already feel like a prisoner eating my meals at home, in the safety of a tightly-shut study while seven kitties serenade me outside the door.

kxbc: I've run out of room, you're right! And actually I did have a pomeranian when I was a kid. Her name was Jamie and she was my first dog. So I've got a soft spot for them yappy furballs. ;)

cat_aunty: Thx for your kind comments. You've always been so encouraging! :D However, it's ok this time, you don't need to console me about DogDonna... mainly 'cos I would be TOO SHY to use such a cheesy name EVAR. Heh.

cat: Thx! The husband is ok, very busy so not thinking much about Sash for now. The pom's quite popular [EVERYBODY and their half-brother wants a pedigree dog! Argh!], but we'll have to see if the potential adopters are serious about her long-term skin and ear care.
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