Friday, May 11, 2007


Just now while trimming her ridiculously long claws,

Pip punched my face

She aimed a sharp jab at my jaw with her right paw, sharp claws all out (I was trimming her left paw).
It was a punch. Not a swipe or a shove.
Pip clearly meant to hit me - not to push me away and escape, as most cats would do.


Now there's a long scratch running from my mouth, along my jaw, courtesy of the P. Princess.
Great, am ugly/ier.


Gosh, I'm getting real sleepy.
Was doing a bit of work just now and it's amazing how fast I get out of breath when I'm ill.

Hi Pip!

Remember when my Foster Mommy said that you were HARDCORE? You shure are!

I've tagged you for the meme "7 Random Facts About Me(You)". Purrliss check out my blog for details on how to play.

Dear Bombay

Will do, as soon as the secretary can come up enough brain cells to make out what I'm dictating for her to type.

Lovely lovely.
Yours, Pip!
apply some nixoderm that u can get easily at medical hall. It will make u feel itchy but it will dry the wound the very next day u applied.
Pip, that's the kinda catitude that gotted Bonnie declawed. Not that I like gettin them trimmed eifur, but...
jennifer: Thanks for the suggestion. The wound wasn't too serious and dried up by itself, but I'll remember this name for future incidents!

victor: I do hope to blazes that Pip will take your hint seriously.

But when Pip first attacks your hand while she's ill, only two weeks old and resisting the meds with all her toothless wriggly screaming might, you tend to resign yourself to a lifetime of domestic violence.

I think psychologists would call me an enabler.
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