Friday, May 11, 2007


Lucie performs an interpretive mime of how I feel right now
(That's Lucie [front] and Boonie [back] for readers new to this blog)

I think I'm sick.

Ran a fever yesterday and my head is stuffed with disgusting technicolour yucky mucus phlegm... things.

No fever today, we'll see how this goes.
I do actually feel better than yesterday, though, so that's a good thing.

Things are looking up, hey Ted?

Been trying to get the cats' nails clipped all by myself.
Slowly, slowly, we are getting there, and I am becoming a human pincushion.
Eh, I think this means no low necklines for a while.


Dangnabbit, stop sneezing!

Pip doesn't like it when I sneeze, she'll tell me off.
She mumbles, grumbles and whines quietly after each sneeze.
Glaring in my direction so it's very clear who's not in her good graces.

The Look of Deathly Annoyance

Nothing new, she's been doing this since she was a kitten.
Stuck up little thing, the Pipperina Princess.

Will reply to comments in a bit.
Thank you for commenting, I always like to know who's out there reading this here fine blog.

++UPDATE: Ooh, now I'm not allowed to cough either. The Princess holds very strong views about etiquette.++


Eh? Does no one else seem to find the pics, esp Pip's close-up glare, very pretty and amusing?

Well I do, so there!
NICE WORK, CatDonna.

ps - I realise I'm leaving a comment to myself on my own blog and that spells LOSER in every known language, but I can always say it's the fever talking.
*I* like the purty pictors. I hopes yur feelin better by now.
Mom an Dad always say "ga-blesh-you" when me or Bonnie sneeze, so Bonnie mews whenefur one of the beans sneezes. Pip, you should be more sympathetic. Who holds yur paw when yur sick?
Dear Victor

Thank Cod, another cat with impeccable taste in photography!

You must understand I'm being cruel to be kind.
If that slob of a woman spreads her blasted germs around then who will be well enough to look after MY needs?

P. Princess
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