Friday, April 27, 2007

I thought you all might like to know

what the menu for the dinner party was, after my previous roast/stew dilemma.

Many thanks to all of you who offered help and suggestions. :)
Unfortunately I wasn't able to access the internet much when I was in Sydney and couldn't contact anyone, so decided to rely on my tried and tested recipes.
I figured it was going to be about 7 or 8 people (us included) so that's do-able.

It was only on a bleary Monday afternoon, recovering from a bad 8-hour flight and late-Sunday-night touchdown at the airport, that details were confirmed:
I had 30 hours to prepare a meal for 15 people.

So relaxing, my pace of life.

CatDonna's "Oh My God Why Must Everyone Only Be Free On A Tuesday"
Dinner Party Menu

Sides (all served chilled)
Chicken pasta salad
Ham, egg and potato salad
Couscous done two ways - mushroom, nut and asparagus; salmon and sundried tomato

Borscht stew*
Roast leg of pork**

*Yes, the "Honey I Stewed The Kids" stew (why does shredded beetroot both look and smell slightly like blood???). This was a last-minute addition; if I had the time I would have asked for the irish or beef stew recipes instead, I'm pretty sure those would be easier to do, oh shut up CatDonna.
**Thank you tfp, oh most prolific and insightful cat-and-food-blogger (and partner Jac, cook extraordinaire and muse of tfp) who sent that mail on how exactly to roast Pork with the Crunchy Crackle.

(served chilled) Chocolate rum mousse
(served hot) Stewed honey mangoes in rum sauce
(There was a bit of rum in the fridge I had to get rid of.)

I took about 9 hours altogether to cook the stuff (including the previous day's 3-hour prep). Maybe I'm horribly inefficient, eh.

So sorry, no photos, I just finished cooking when the barbarians arrived at the gate, then they came in to rape my food and pillage my plates and cutlery while I took a quick shower, ie no time for food photography. Only this.

Half the carnage

The spray bottle on the table was to chase greedy cats off, basically.
Isn't that right, Doe.


Wow! I can't cook like this. So it's usually potluck for me.

Doe looks pretty there. Doe is a gal, right?
It looked like a great gathering!!!
Hope everyone had fun.
hi!!!! it looks so fun! how do you make borsht soup? i've always wanted to learn -auntie tom
If Pip and Doe are brother and sister, how come the colorings so different?
auntie p: I don't cook very frequently since it's only the two of us humans at home (and now with hubby on overseas assignment, it's just me). So when I do cook I like to just go the whole hog, if you know what I mean. ;)

Doe is a very pretty... boy. Sorry, I know the name is misleading, but it seemed to fit him so well!

cat aunty: It was great fun, and I wish we could have more of these. Maybe one day the cat bloggers could have another get-together!

auntie tom: Hi! Not heard from you for a while.
I downloaded this recipe from, just type "Ukranian Red Borscht Soup" and you'll get it. Borscht is easy to make, I realise... just get the basic ingredients (meat, beetroot, tomato paste, carrot, cabbage) right and you can play around with the rest.

cat aunty: I have no idea. I'm guessing one parent was white + tabby (like Doe), and the other parent was all black (so Pip was a mix). But they definitely have the same face and body shape and to an extent, same temperament!
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