Monday, April 09, 2007

Down + Roast

Tension arose as the call centre operators began pointing toes (and claws) over the disk-formatting error

Hello hello,

I meant to post but then something happened with the computer *cue ominous thunder* and it REFUSED TO START UP for a couple days, during which I was praying in silent desperation that it wasn't anything too serious because ALL MY WORK IS IN THERE AND I DO NOT HAVE ANOTHER COPY, NOSIRREE.

Yes, stupid of me.

Well, it's back up again so yay for the clever husband (who returned home last night but goes back to Maine in three weeks).

Regular Programming resumes shortly.


Ohhh, we likes our roast

Does anyone have a good recipe for a roast? Like nice roast pork with crackling or a tender roast beef. We don't like the turkey in Singapore and chicken isn't enough to feed the hordes he's inviting over.

If I can't get a good roast idea I'll make borscht stew, but I don't really want to because the kitchen always looks like I've just killed a baby when I'm done (damn beetroot juice stains). Suggestions will be dearly appreciated!

ps - Today I tried to kick the husband's backside, but missed and knee-d Rusty in the jaw instead. Poor, poor baby.

Beef stew? Easy-to-obtain ingredients and simple to cook. And no oily kitchen.
how abt some meatloaf? or irish stew...i have my grandma's receipy if you like....
WHO is Rusty??

Anyway, erm, welcome back Husband!
Ooh..Irish stew....I like! *drools*
I must go learn how to cook it too.

Back to the topic - Sorry Catdonna, me not good at English food.
Hi everyone,

it turns out the dinner party will be held on the week after (it was originally this week), so that buys me some time for planning. Whew!

kxbc and feline furball: Thx for the suggestions! We seem to be leaning towards a stew here.

ff, it is so sweet of you to offer your grandma's recipe! Are you sure she won't mind? :)

cat_aunty: See previous post... Rusty is the family dog. :)

auntie p: I've never actually had irish stew before and I'm curious too. :P
Well the grass is always greener on the other side - I wish I was good at asian food/cooking but it seems so complicated.
My Dad cooks good roast... I'll see what he suggests. Do you haf a Crock Pot slow cooker? That's GREAT fur makin a nice, tender roast, an it's easy. Unless the power goes out.

Did hubby bring you a Maine Coon cat?
Pip, how about we share; I'll rule the northern hemisphere and you'll rule the southern hemisphere... that should be equal, no?

Did you laff when the d*g got knee-d? I would.
Oh. Is Rusty a new addition, or has he been around??
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