Friday, October 27, 2006

Angry Woman + I need HELP **Updated twice**

**Update the Second** 12:30 a.m.: Pip. Did. It. Again.

ARGH. Kill Pip. Kill kill kill. **/Update the Second**

**Update** Have uploaded pic of Doe's injury. He's uncharacteristically muted today. Pip must've really given it to him.

After the sandwich and the blogging, I ate two slices of chocolate rum cake just 'cos I was so pissed.

This is emotional eating at its worst, people. **/Update**

Woke up today to Pip tearing up and down the house looking particularly wild-eyed.
When Pip starts jumping around like a cat on a hot tin roof, something's up.

So I followed her to the living room where I found her frantically pawing at her favourite corner of the carpet, which was already folded over in a most incriminating manner.
[Incriminating because this is how she wraps her "presents" for me.]

All the other cats sat in a broad semi-circle and watched Pip's desperate cover-up from a safe distance. You could sense the nervous smugness in their eyes as they watched silently.
Oh ho Pip, you's in some serrrious s**t now. The Woman gonna smack you.

I turned the corner over - et voila - PIP POOP.

I am so mad. I am so incredibly angry.
This is our favourite carpet.
And only Pip has the gall to do this OVER and OVER and OVER again.

Pun not really intended but only Pip gives this kind of crap.
No other cat tries this rubbish.
The other cats know their place.

We've disciplined her, sprayed her with the water bottle, yelled at her, steam-cleaned the carpet Idunnohowmany times, sprayed Idunnohowmuch Bitter Lemon on it...

[We're wary of using vinegar or other strong cleaning agents on this carpet because we don't want to end up spoiling it, after all, Pip's already doing such a friggin' good job.]

We've done everything we can to break Pip's pooping pattern, even hid the carpet for a couple months, but it seems to be a neverending battle of wills. Pip appears determined to stick to her schedule.

Right now I want to slap her and chuck her against the wall, I am that angry.
[Nah, I won't do it. I'm just venting. Don't call the AVA please, I don't need more trouble right now!]
Pip was perfectly okay with the carpet at first, she only started this pooping-in-chosen-corner ritual a couple months ago.


This is exactly the same thing that happened with my favourite giant purple plush beanbag last year. Pip loved it, I loved it, we used to nap on the beanbag together.

[This was when we only had Pip and Doe, so Pip's motivation for her insanities isn't territorial.]

Then one day Pip decided that NO ONE NOT EVEN HERSELF could use it anymore, and she started peeing on it almost everyday.
The husband and I did everything we could. In the end we had to get rid of it.


I don't want to be forced into giving up this carpet, it's too beautiful and too expensive.

I need help. Can anyone give advice on

[Slight digression. Earlier this morning Doe came up to me with a mysterious bloody gash over his right eye.

I just saw a hissy Pip cornering a frightened-looking Doe and waving a threatening paw at his face. So now we know whodunnit... and Doe, for the love of God. You are the top cat in this house, and you're frightened of your sister the resident loony?!]

You're never safe when there's a Pip in the house

Right now as I'm typing this Pip is running up and down the study, jumping up the desks, shoving pens off and slapping Chocolate, acting very high-strung. She's probably trying to get our reassurance that we still love her.

Well rest assured Pip.


oh dear catdonna! i can't offer you any advise ocz i am a noob! but i just wanan say cheer up!! i love reading you blog and the antics of all your cats! they really really cheer me up so much! good job k? i love your blog best among all the cat blogs - auntie tom
Eh, well, if it helps, btmao always feel like SMACKING Philly silly because he SPRAYS. His only saving grace is that he only sprays in da bin.
Oh catdonna! Please don't be angry, with Pip and with the whole situation. She must have done it for a reason, just that I dun know what. Could it be some physiological causes? I dun know what the carpet cleaner used to clean yr carpet, but it is possible the smell remains, that why Pip keeps going over to the same spot. I will read up, and let u know.

As for stress nibbling, sorry, can't help u there.

Hugs and headbutts.
Can you get the Feliway spray? It's supposed to discourage cats from scratching or spraying or pooping where you spray it. It's also supposed to help calm high-strung cats. Mom uses it on the speakers and couch and chairs I shouldn't scratch, and there's no odor (to humans) or stain. She also sprays it on the carpet in the doorways to (maybe) help Bonnie calm down a little. And she sprays it in Bonnie's carrier before taking her to the vet. It seems to help. The expensive plug-in is supposed to help with behavior on a more on-going basis, but seems to have no effect on Bonnie.

I don't think Feliway would help with your stress eating, except for making perfectly good food taste funny. Mom keeps the boy from eatin too many sweets by makin healthy foods available instead. But she'd love a piece of yur chocolate rum cake!

Poor Doe! Bonnie an I fight, but we've nefur hurt eachofur. Purrs!
Oh, anofur thing. Mom's firstest cat always barfed his hairballs on one corner of her Mom's favorite rug. An that was one of his favorite places to sleep. Mom's mom would lift an turn the rug so a different corner was in that spot, an he'd mess up that new corner instead. At least the rug lasted longer that way!

FYI: In Americat, carpet is the wall-to-wall stuff that's nailed down an rugs rest on top of hard floors so they slip, wrinkle, fold, an can be hid unner by cats. :-) Purrs!
If Pip is always 'going' on he same corner just put her food bowl there. Cats never go where their food is. This worked for us, It looked pretty weird but it stopped the poop problem.
anon/auntie tom: I'm grateful for the compliment, and I'm glad you enjoy my blog. Reading your comment did cheer me up. Thx again! :)

calsifer: Yuk. Cat pee is pretty bad too. But at least it's the bin, not a bloody silk-wool mix Persian carpet that took out a sizeable chunk of my pay back then. *weep in frustration*

cat_aunty: Thanks for offering to help, as always. :) I agree it's possibly a faint scent that draws Pip back. But I'm not gonna risk trying something too strong, so will probably take this to a professional now.

victor: Not sure, but I think Feliway is available here? Will check. Thx for the tip.

When Pip fights she screams like a demon, and depending on how mad [in every sense of the word] she is at the time, she can inflict considerable damage.

Interesting point about carpets and rugs. Will bear in mind if/when I go to the USA. :)

kattonic: I'm desperate. Will try that - cat psychology. Wow. Thx for the tip.
Jo says to tell you that she did this on the bathroom mat a few times when Queenie was making her mad. Mum threw the mat away and she stopped. Then Queenie did it in a corner a lot but she had a UTI so she had an excuse.
catdonna, feliway is available in s'pore. i bot it from allpets vet at jln kayu, but it may be sold in pet stores as well. it works for a while but cats do get "immune" to the effects with frequent use.

i really sympathise with u cos i too hv a cat that eliminates on the floor and i have been wrestling w a similar problem for 2 yrs. n my problem is worse cos it involves poop AND pee. i do not hv an expensive carpet, but my flooring is made of wood so u can imagine what cat pee soaking into it does. i hv tried everythg. nothg helps. not experimenting with different litter, or yelling at or shaking her, or putting the litter pan or a bowl of food where she likes to pee or spraying feliway. she will pee on the floor next to the litterbin, on the floor next to the food bowl (while there is food in it!) and over the feliway.

even Sia Ping has no suggestions, despite her extensive experience with cats. sigh...
Catdonna - Maybe this will help you

You may want to consult the vet. Maybe Pip needs medication to calm her down?

*Hugs* to you & the rest.
including Pip :)
Pip! You're bein furry, furry naughty. You need to settle down an behave yurself, or you may find yurself stuck inside a litter box... or worse, you might haf to see the VET. So knock it off!

CatDonna, do you fink she'll listen?
Maybe Pip needs a time out. Bedroom, bafroom, cage, even carrier - force her to settle down an maybe she'll refink her actions.
Dear catdonna, pls go to They have some info on indoor soiling. I looked through old issues of Your Cat magazines, cover pretty much the same thing too.

All the best.
i read once that if u want to stop ur cat from peeing in the same place, either remove the item and replace with other object OR

u can put aluminum foil on it as cat do not like steppin into things that make any noises...i read that those fake mouse trap used specially to train cat also work..not sure if it can be bought in SG.

I am not sure if it work as i had never tried this method with my own cats...

Or the last resort is to send pip to the vet for some medi to calm her down....and also i read again that sometimes cat misbehave because they are ill.. it is better to check with the vet just in case...

poor doe, the wound looked painful.. poor boy...
Sir Sid & Emperor N: Thx for sharing. Thing is, everything makes Pip mad [she's a strange one] and it would really pain me to chuck the carpet.

Poor Queenie. UTI's are horrible things.

anon: Thx for sharing your experience. At least I don't feel like the only owner of a mad beast. btw, Pip also pees in the shower almost everyday, but that's easy to clean so I'm not that upset about it.

Sia Ping thinks Pip is crazy too. heh.

Sorry to hear about your flooring, would layering extra varnish help reduce absorbency? That's not cheap though.

Cat: Thx for the link! No darling, don't hug Pip. Just me *heh*. Am planning to bring Pip along during Polly's next liver review.

victor: Dear little thing, I know Pip reads this blog [when she's not destroying it] and I hope she takes your advice!

btw you and Doe look similar at some angles, did you know? Very similar tabby colour + markings. Except Doe's not half as sweet as you.

Bonnie: We've tried that before, and all we got was half an hour of spirited cussing. Pip doesn't mind it unfortunately. But thx for the suggestion.

cat_aunty: Thx for your research! Will check the link. Never heard of it, surprisingly.

jennifer: I'll try placing obstacles and food around the carpet area, thx. Vet visit coming up soon too. Doe's getting much better, almost his old self.
It is Feline Advisory Bureau, from UK
Doe, fanks fur celebratin my gotcha day. I hope you're feelin better. An I hope yur sisfur is behavin herself. No news is good mews?
Feliway may help. The in-house Purina cat pyschologist usually recommends it for behaviorial problems. Feliway can be purchased from vets. I know Companion Animal Surgery in Balestier Rd sells it. Approx $30+ per small bottle.

As for the pooping problem, I can't offer any suggestion as my XX is also having the same problem. Just that she does it just outside the litterbox. CC is terrorising her when she is in the litterbox so she is avoiding the box as much as possible.

Vinegar mixed with water may help remove the scent but when I used it, XX had runny poop. I think she licked the vinegar residue off the floor. Yucks!
My sympathies, Catdonna! I know the feeling of extreme frustration and anger when you've tried everything but the cat still does it. Haiz...

Since it's a carpet, I would suggest aluminium foil or those soft spiky plastic mats which can be placed on the carpet - availabe at Daiso IMM.

After cleaning up, I will drop everything and go laze about in a comfy chair or bed and do something I enjoy - it's like time out for me to R & R and forget about everything for a while. Eating doesn't do it for me. I probably won't know what's in my mouth.
Dear everyone, thanks again for your prompt and helpful advice. Will try out your suggestions and update once there's a breakthrough.

cat_aunty: You're a treasure trove of information! Thanks again for the extra research. :)

victor: Doe is doing much better and he says fank you! Now to get him NOT to scratch the itchy new scab...

kxbc: My trusty supplier stocks Feliway! Weehee! Am gonna run over soon. Sorry to hear about XX and CC... have you tried putting out another litter tray in a quiet corner for XX to do her thing in peace?

auntie p: There's another Daiso at Plaza Sing, I think I might try that branch first. Thanks for the heads up! And I wish I didn't eat under stress, like you can! :P
We have 2 litter trays and have shifted positions quite a few times but it is still not working. The weird thing is that XX does not urinate on the floor. She just poops outside the box. Maybe pooping takes more time than urinating???

Anyway, we are resigned to cleaning up the chocolate cake after her for the rest of her life. No big deal anyway.
Catdonna: the Plaza Sing branch doesn't have as many items, but you can try first. It's also very cramped. :b
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