Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Let them eat c***!

It's the woman's birthday today.

So I made her a cake.

On the carpet. Not the cheap carpet of course, the expensive one. Birthdays only come once a year you know.

Yum yum chocolate bum, I mean rum.

It's also the last day of the woman's job assignment so if you don't get regular posts soon after today, you have my permission to kill her.

Love to all. Don't be deceived by Chocolate Tramp.

ps - I have a cut lip. I fell off the shower cubicle wall on Saturday and hit my head on the toilet bowl. Dammit.

Pip!! How could you, and at your age, too!?

After having babies, one is never quite the same...not as sharp as before eh, Pip?

*Scoots away & hides*
Yep Mum can vouch for the losing your mind after having babies. She has a toddler and has never been the same since.
Happy birthday, erm, Catdonna. Did you like THE cake?

Dear Pip, is your look ruined now? Was it really an accident, or a nefarious plot by Chocolate?
Oh, Pip, ever so dramatic. It's CatDonna's day, so don't try to steal the limelight. Then again, as Princess, it is your limelight to give or take as you wish.

Don't take any guff from that Chocolate fing. Any intelligent feline would have dipped a paw in the "soup" before committing to a mouthful. You nefur know WHAT those beans will drink.
auntie p: You!!! Evil human!!! You can hide, but I'll get you! I'll get you!!!!!

All I'm saying is, some cats want me dead, and it wasn't an accident. I'm beginning to suspect that you, auntie p, are an accomplice in a certain cat's evil plans...

sir sid and emperor nero: love your profile pic. No, you mustn't agree with auntie p, she wants me dead you know.

cat_aunty: I'm fine now, the cut was minor. The woman checked. Of course the woman likes the cake. I don't even need to ask her. I think I'll make another one for Christmas!

Don't worry about my looks, I'm always gorgeous and don't have to trumpet it. Unlike *some* jealous, murderous brown tabbies.

bonnie: Oh my dear furriend, your moral support is invaluable. I'm on my guard against that upstart. She really does think she rules the house. Well, she's wrong, I do. And I'll prove it!
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