Monday, July 10, 2006


Hazel [L] with Mother Pip. I wish I had someone to lick my weary head too.

What an awful week it has been.

It all started last Monday after I'd dropped off Fiver at his new home. I was supposed to start a new temp job the very next day, and was awaiting the phone call to confirm details and arrangements.

I did get the call, but it was bad and totally unexpected news: I couldn't be employed because of some major screw-up with my previous organisation and the terms of my bond. Basically, because of the wrong information disseminated by one of their people, I had inadvertently breached my contract.

So now I've appealed to their personnel division for an investigation and I've offered to return and serve out the remaining TWENTY FLIPPIN' DAYS so I'll owe them nothing and they can kindly get off my back.

What I really can't stand is how someone up there has seriously messed up, but they expect me to pay the penalty for it.


So. Until this issue is resolved I can't find another job.
And as you can guess, this doesn't help the insomnia.
I've hardly been sleeping the entire week.

Yesterday, in the fog of eternal sleeplessness I made a couple of boo-boos:

In the car
Husband: So where are we going for dinner?
Me: Oh, I'm okay. Why don't you ask Rusty at the back.
Friend at the back: I'm Ryan, and I'm not your dog!!!

Back home
Me: [To Pip] Hey honey, where's your little baby kitten? Whatshisname. Wallace? Wally? No, it's something to do with nuts... Walnut?

Hazel expresses his admiration for my powerful memory

"Tough Nut" Hazel [L]: Standing in street corners conferring with infamous thug, "Last Laugh" Lucie

Speaking of whom, little Hazel is clearly taking after his mad and savage mother Pip. He's only half the size of the other cats, but he's already standing his ground in fights and even picking some of his own.

Pip, unfortunately, has also taught him some strange lessons. Hazel's not very sociable at all. He's so happy being alone, hiding under the sink cupboard. That's very not cute, not kittenish at all. Hazel's weird.

Pip, as you darlings all know, was brought up by myself pretty much all her life, so she's formed this obsessive attachment to me and an overwhelming delusion that she's human, not feline. I don't know if I've ever told you this, but Pip hardly meows. She whines, mutters, grunts, groans, purrs, and shrieks when angry. Very, very occasionally, Pip mews when she really wants something done.

Like mother, like son. My point is I hardly heard Hazel meow. He grunts and "talks" a lot, like a cranky little old man. Except he's not an old man, he's a kitten and supposed to be all cute and fluffy like.

I dunno if potential adopters will find a muttering kitten cute or just freaky?

A quick digression: Kudos to clever Cat Aunty for identifying the profile pic kitty! My profile pic is of baby Pip at 3 weeks. No Photoshop was used. Baby Pip's smile is entirely natural. Heheheh.

More pics coming up soon.

Hazel has HUGE paws. You are insomniac because of jetlag or stress? See a doctor and take something for it.
The new blog format looks good, Catdonna! It stinks about the work situation, but just get those 20 days over and never look back. Homo sapiens can be so hard on one another sometimes. Drink some tea, watch a good movie, and get some sleep. I'll even purr in your ear if it helps you fall asleep!
You really have to get some sleep, woman! Sorry about the job situation.

Hazel is growing up to be a good-looking cat. I thought a cat that makes funny noises is rather cute, no?
Hazelnut has purrsonality. He'll find his matching nutty bean. Rusty/Ryan whatever! People always mix up my Dad an the boy's names, Sean an Ryan. Too bad about werk. I hope that's not 20 days wifout pay.
I recommend huggin a cat to feel better.
cat_aunty: I think Hazel takes after Teddy in terms of size. He's gonna be a real big boy.

zeus: Thanks for the advice and offer to purr! I've already got Doe doing that so I'm fine for now.

auntie p: You think Hazel is handsome? I think his nose is a bit too big [Teddy's genes at work here]. Did I mention that Hazel sounds really creepy at night...

victor: I've been stocking up on my kitty hugs so I'm all set, thx. I really look forward to seeing the bean brave enough to adopt Hazel the Nut! :)
Hazel seems to have a little belly???
Big nose? I didn't even noticed. :) it really WAS Teddy....
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