Saturday, September 08, 2007

Does Pip Know?

She's been clingy lately.

Pip crept into bed and slept curled up next to me under the covers all night long. She hasn't done that for a long time.

And when we're not asleep Pip's lying on my lap doing her purring/kneading/napping thing.

She's acting all kittenish.
I hope she's alright.

She must be able to smell your Momminess!!! ;D

~The Flyer
So THERE you are! We was worried, too. Hmmm You didn't know when Pip was pregnant, but she mite know bout you. Just don't go climbin on top of the shower door!
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I just learned sumfing furry impawtant. Kitty Kaviar, which I luv an Bonnie don't, is... Bonito Flakes! We had sum all along!

Be well.
My boy bringed in a package fur me an Bonnie wif a Maine return addressy. Hmmmmm... I wonder what that could be.
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Merry Christmas.
Happy New Year!
PIP??? When's yur mom's little blurpy fing comin? Will she help you blog after that? Is yur dad still in Maine? It's been a horrible winter to spend here insteada there.
Pip, dear, don't forget to tell us when CatDonna pops. Should be any time now, right?
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bye bye from italian kitty!!!
Aww... your kitten is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We hope yur Christmas wuz bery Merry.
Happy New Year 2009! ARe you still blogging?
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Kitties always know.

This comment is sent on behalf of Maximus Spittimus

Best Regards
Four Dinners
Aide de Camp to
Your kitten is so cute! How young is she?
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