Monday, June 25, 2007

Raspberry Cat

The evening gloom falls over the church of St. Tudwal, Llanstadwell

Some pix for youuuuuu

Raspberries from the MIL's garden. They have a garden and an orchard, quite a bit of land. The apple trees are bearing fruit but we won't be around to taste them.

We need to harvest the raspberries every 48 hours or so. That's how often they give us another ripe crop, yummy!
So we eat 'em raw or cooked in puddings and all sorts.
Although this being rural Wales, the raspberries usually carry their little friends with them. I'm not talking tiny aphids, I'm referring to juicy inch-long earwigs and fat ladybugs and other... hugeass multi-legged things that we have to check for before we eat.

Raspberries are soft, sweet and tart, with many little seeds and tiny hairs.

Once in a while you'll bite into something that goes crunch, that's bitter and mushy and the tiny hairs, well, they're more fibrous, like little legs... then you swallow.

It's good sometimes not to know.
But really. Yummy stuff, if you ignore the extra protein.


It's cold out despite being summer, so the critters outside try to come in and warm up a bit, poor things.

That's how the husband was bitten by a 3-inch long centipede in bed.

I love the country life.


Ah... 'tis ye. Dids ye brings it then, lassss?

Here I am.
Gives us the passssword, luv.
Ummm... "Dwy ddim yn gwybod"*...
Closssse enough, comes ye over then.

* "I don't know" (Welsh)

I bring great-tasting, low-calorie bribes** from exotic lands.
Cor' Lumme! Be that mine treatsiessss, luvvie?!

**Katsuoboshi (Bonito flakes) from Taiwan. I haven't met a cat that didn't love this at first bite.


I should go. Everywhere, spies are watching.
Well you knows where I always issss, luv.
Bye now Mister Black Cat.
Till next time then, ta.


Nice cat with thick fur...and nice holiday!

Can you bring those rasberries back into Sg? Would it be allowed?
Now I am beginning to wonder if Mr Black Cat is really a cat, or a spirit....
Is Mr Cat Donna bitten in any important and sensitive region? :) Hope not. Hehehe.

And what a wonderful looking black cat. So fluffy with such a big round head. Smuggle back to Singapore? I understand no quarantine is necessary.
Wow, what a lovely outside area you have. I'm impressed. I'm so rarely allowed out.
Oh, I luv yur furiend's accent. It's good of you to bring him treats.

It sounds like you don't like eatin bugs! You keep the berries an I'll eat the bugs - mmmmm.
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