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++Update: Good Lord I just realised that I haven't been citing my sources for the contest pics. And truth be told I can't remember where. If by some crazy chance you, yes YOU, dear reader recognise any of these pics as yours please let me know and I'll acknowledge it. Thanks.++


... is this competition.

Final pics below, and if you live in Japanese/Chinese-speaking Asia and you don't know this then SHAME ON YOUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As for readers from other countries, I am very sorry.

With the swiftness of intelligence that CatDonna is very well-known for, it took a while for the fact to sink in my tiny head that you guys probably have NO IDEA who I'm talking about.

I'm so sorry. *extremely sheepish*
But if you do know then more power to you, yay.
Keep reading, there's something for you at the bottom of the post.

And the final pics are

Promotional pics for Mystery Person's breakthrough movie

I love love love Mod-style eyeliner and he carries it so well, coddangit

A scene from his breakthrough movie. Check out ze lollipop!
(My Favourite Boy is in drag on the right. So kawaii, these Japanese trannies.)*

Okay, just tell me name of actor and title of breakthrough movie.

You have until this Friday, so easy right.
All correct answers get a little gift from me...
This contest is sooooooooo

*Kidding lah.


Actually I had two reasons for this competition:

1. The husband's taken the camera to Maine and I'm stuck with another camera, my brother's, the USB cable of which is NOT WITH ME hahahaha so CLEVURRRRRRR. So no new cat pics, and I must have pics on my blog dammit. (I'm very turned on by visual and aural stimulation, I need to be surrounded by images and music all the time, especially music, and it must be KILLER good.)

2. I'm leaving for Taiwan and then the UK from 10 June onwards, will be back by 6 July. Will blog as often as I can from wherever I am. And I thought it would be nice to have a dumb excuse to buy something for you guys, 'cause I really enjoy buying little gifts for people, SEE HOW NICE I AM TO MY READERS! Because at CatDonna's Cats, we do it ALL FOR YOU!!!!1111!!

Then alamak I realised too late that this contest is unfair to non-Asian readers.
Lesson: Don't try anything funny when you're too sick to think straight.

Okay how about this!
Readers NOT from Asia, please drop a comment and share about your favourite movie/actor to win a little gift from Taiwan or Wales! (If you want.)


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So des neh! His "other name" is L, and I'm not taking part.
Kenichi Matsuyama... at least i got watched death note .. but i only love the other guy that played evil.... and i am ashamed taht i am bad at recognizing picture as i said.
I stumbled on your blog. Love your cat pics so much!

After I watched the first Death Note, I thought L is simply so cool! Currently I'm reading the manga, and I got turned off by his character. Now I'm digging Raito :P

Reading the manga is a lot more fun IMHO. I download the translation from here:
i heard that the real japanese animation version is not the same as the movie...In the animation, both the two main characters died. i think the real animation should be more interesting.
Hi everyone, just to let you know I'm reading your comments. Just back home, let me get some sleep first before I reply. Oh god.

Are you feelin better yet? You know, those pictors vaguely reminded Mom of the trailer she saw for a Japanese moovie when they went to the "arts" theater for a moovie.
Mom likes Adrian Paul from Highlander TV and later movies. She'll be unhappy when I tell her I told you.

Oh, ofur here a park tree fell on a car an killed the driver right on a major street. It wasn't efun windy or a dieing tree or nothin. It was just reely loose round its roots.

Oh, sorry to ramble, but Mom's jealous that yur goin to Wales. Purrs!
auntie p: Oh you're naughty to me. *sob*

jennifer_yq: Ding ding ding! You get a prize! Email me with your mailing address for a little gift (but have to warn you it's gonna take a while): it's saraelkelly at gmail dot com.

durianberry: My indignant manga-freak friends complain that L in the movie was too cute, and the real L is kinda freaky nasty actually. Thanks for the heads up, and I'm glad you like my pix! :)

victor: Tell yer Mom I remember watching Highlander too, and thinking how cool the entire story was. Hee hee.

Gosh, here we are talking about Death Note and death in real life. Makes me glad I survived my own cooking. ;)

Pip's asking if she can fly to Whiskonsin for a visit since I can fly to Whales, but I said no.

Forgot to add... Victor, please email me your mailing address for your prize!

And durianberry, I just realised you actually did answer one of the contest questions so you qualify for a happy little giftie too.

Since I'll be away for a month I might as well get stuff for as many winners as possible, so again: it's saraelkelly at gmail dot com IF you want your rightful prizes, people! ;)
i wan... but i didnt guess correctly leh... can i get a prize too??
ksn: You didn't even guess! But because you asked, I've got you stuff too.
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