Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Latest Pippenings



#1: Snuggled up on my shoulder while I was working on the computer, then chewed off a chunk of my hair about the size of my pinky and swallowed it. Had to hunt her down and force-feed her a generous dollop of Laxatone to make sure there wouldn't be any hairball digestion problems later.

#2: Was discovered sitting at the end of the bed, eyes popping out their sockets, STARING SO HARD at the husband and self having some bedtime fun, her head swivelling excitedly from the Man to the Woman to the Man to the Woman etc to make sure she wasn't missing out on ANY of the action. (Very unnerving.)

If you saw these eyes staring at you naked, you'd freak out too

#3: Waged Armageddon against Boonie the Force of Tabby Blackness. Managed to overturn the study in a matter of minutes. And I don't know how Pip manages to scream so loud for so long. Operatic performance troupes have something to learn from this shrieky little cat.

Pip on high alert. Notice the front right paw...

Pip parades the spoils of war - Boonie's fur in a claw

#4: Is nuzzling on my lap all curled up as I type this, purring sweet and low, looking for all the world like she wouldn't hurt a fly.



Ha ha ha ha ha I had some of Lydia's fur in my claws today after she called me a name and I bit her! Now I am being punished and Lydia gets to write in MY blog instead of me which is UNFAIR!

XXX Flat Cat

I apologize for my somewhat self-centered young colleague. What an amazingly beautiful young cat. It is rare to see such a young cat with such expressiveness in her face. We are new to blogging but the lady we live with saw the thumbnail of her in her kittenage at someone else's site and COULD NOT resist.
Sincerely, Sampan

Ha! Love the bug-eyed action when she was, you know, MONITORING you. She should totally get a job doing comedy routines in movies; she fully gets across the "Here's boggling at you, kid!" thing.

Parading Boonie's fur in your claw?! Oh, Pip... you are HARDCORE!

~5-Cat Style
Well. Wouldn't expect less from Pip.

But Boonie has been giving Pip a hard time huh
LOL! Scruffy, the cat before me, did #2. She sat in the window and STARED. Stoopid Victor just snuggles up next to the beans, until he falls or is pushed off the bed.
Cat Rule #238: Be Unpredictable.
Flat Cat, Sampan and Lydia: thanks for visiting! I popped over your blog and it's lovely, with such cheeky kitties in it! :)

Yes, Pip's an expressive and opinionated little freak isn't she.

5CS: Yes, and utterly unrepentant about it. But to be fair, Boonie and Lucie pick their fair share of fights with her too. It's quite a game - taking the mickey out of the resident loony.

cat_aunty: Yup. I bet Pip is regretting all the times she bullied Boonie when he was a tiny kitten. Who would've known he would grow so big? Or be so vengeful?

bonnie: In this house, Doe and Choc are the snugglers. Pip likes her space, Boonie+Lucie stick with each other and Teddy doesn't dare jump up (Doe will slap him off).

Nothing like a pair of inquisitive cat eyes to put out the bedroom sizzle!
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